Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When you rely so much on communications gadget!!

You would feel that your life is in such mess, when  you rely so much on those communication gadget you call handphone and suddenly it gives way and went berserk!!

You'd feels like giving yourself a good slap for procastinate the whole sync arrangement so that you could have all your info stored in the mobile being saved somewhere else at the first place before things happened, and NOW it already happen and you were left blinking helplessly at the gadget hoping it will turn okay once you 'switch-on, switch-off' the thing!! GOSH!!!

And, you would also feels like banging your head to the wall, when you simply didnt sync the thing and you need to access to some of the numbers urgently, and nobody else seems to have the number kept in their record!!

Plus, you would feel so hopeless when you don't have the time to run to any kiosk selling mobile  to get a new phone or even to get the existing mobile-repaired!!

At then end of the day, you could never tell what other 'bad luck' going to hit you!!