Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm feeling like an iPhone!

I have not been able to spend my time to jot, or rather to 'key-in' my journals, lately. Thoughts are aplenty, but that's that..Been going through various dramatic mode of life, with various peak of stress and lumps of de-stressed..but those remains as just that. Been doing quite a lot of running-around as well..and those mileage of travels has just remains as just that!! By the end of each day, each days of the past few months that is, I was basically being left with a tiny balance of energy that would only suffice for me to 'wind-down' and get recharged, as I would need to be fully recharged comes each day of tomorrow. And there are days that I'm 'blinking red' of needing to recharge due to 'frequent usage of energy'

I'm seriously feeling like an iPhone!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clumps of cumulus

It was the clump right at top of the peak that caught my eyes. It was as though potraying the clumps that I had in me at that time...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Borisov Stadium: Design that caught my eyes

OFIS Architect via
A very interesting article on architecture - the process of building up a football stadium. I wish I had the opportunity to get involve with such development, one day but for the time being -
read on:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September?! Woww, it's already here?!

Work, is tough! and is currently of such winding road with thunderstorms here and there..
It's not a complain, though..I think I love what I am doing so much that everything was execute effortlessly's just that, when you look back, then you realized..."Woww, it's already September?! where does all those time flies?" 

Once we had to juggle as much as 4 different design proposals to be completed within a month, which is CRAZY for a small organisation like us. On average, we had 2 proposals each month. Compare to all those, we had only secured 3 projects from last year's submitted proposals and none actually had its groundbreaking. On top of that, NONE of the proposals that we have done since the beginning of this year initiate anything further than just 'submitted proposal' status. Tough, isnt't it?! So, imagine how's life is at this end of the world, which explain why I can't blog much nowadays even though I wish I would just do it.

Hope you guys had a better days.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cameron highland getaway

I love this idea!! Infact, I'm all in love with the person behind this very idea!

It is not a pre-planned itinerary, it was a out-of-the-blue suggestion to have a day-trip, somewhere out of city center, and that's lead us to Cameron Highlands. 

Travelling on early monday morning before the rest of the world gets to rush towards their respective route, to their respective place of work, turn out to be a better choice for travelling at ease. We decided to used the epic-Tapah route to Cameron. It is a narrow-winding road, but we made it through to the peak without any car-sickness. The weather was awesome, the temperature was indicating at 21 deg celcius with a bit of drizzles from time to time.