Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Venus & jupiter

Saw 2 bright 'stars' closing on to the wanning moon-it's actually Jupiter & Mars!

30,000 ft

'We are flying at 30,000ft above sea level, at 250knots' that's what the Captain announced and I'm just enjoying the view outside this cabin.

All the way from above, KLCC twins appears like a small spike potruding from the ground, and the rest of Klang Valley looks like those 1:10000 scale models that I've made, so tiny that I cant figure out which is which except the Twins and KL tower since they are the only outstanding protrution there is there.

While leaving Klang Valley, I came to this breathtaking view of what seems like a blanket over a plateu of hills and mountains, or rather a fluffy quilt without its cover, all white and it cover those plateu of hills so well that none could be seen from above except the white wash of clouds till the tip of horizon. And it's all glistening by the morning sun to give the similar effect of the Artic landscape. All I could say, 'thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the beauty you have created at 30,000 feet above, it is spectacular!'

Oh, by the time I end this note, I've already about to land in Kuantan (it's a 50minutes journey, and I've been doing daydreaming most the time rather that a full-time typing this) So, we will see how fast I can upload it to the wall since my itinerary would be full for the day, but if there's 'waiting period' in between, I'll be able too.. ;)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

today, 2 years ago in Amsterdam

On exact day of today, a year ago, I was making my way around in Amsterdam. But this time around I was 'stuck' in the office trying to meet the dateline and haven't been able to submerged myself into a deeper fantasy of being there again. Now that those memory has flash back in front of my eyes, how I wish that I would be able to 'experience' the journey again!!

Owh, today we would able to come across 20120222 at 2012 or 0222 or 2022 :)
(part of the memory snow, amstel)

Friday, February 17, 2012

traffic on Friday rush hours

I have made a thoughtless journey through Jalan Ampang by simply forgetting the fact that today being the Friday of the week with the potential of there would always be a bad congestion on all roads leading out from Kuala Lumpur city centre. So, there I was being stranded for more than 2 hours just to leave Jalan Ampang to Jalan Sultan Ismail to get to Jalan Mahameru and get to NKVE. Why oh why, am I being thoughtless! I could always tap into DUKE from Jalan Jelatek and it will straight away lead me to NKVE.

I finally reach home at 8:15pm after leaving my meeting place in Jalan Ampang at 5pm. 
Grrrr.. I'm so mad at myself right now for wasting those precious 3 hours! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Journey of artline pens

Scribbles upon scribbles, I still have 6 more design scheme to complete with 3 more days to go. Eventhough with the help of another pair of hands and brilliant brain, which allow us to conclude a total of 28 design schemes for the past 7 days, the speed ratio is alarming..and right now, I can almost hear the ticky-ticky-tock sounds in my head..counting the seconds, minutes..arghhhh!!! I wonder why some people could ever think of mean-way of having such insanely tight datelines?!

Cruel, cruel, cruel !!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mili-watt River ?

Last Thursday, I was on a working visit to one of the project site by my client. The Site located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with such beautiful frontage of Miliwat River and just a few meters away from the firth to South China Sea. Its view include the majestic Mount Kinabalu which were already shrouded by thick clouds far beyond the horizon at 11am!  However, I find it a bit disturbing that the whole design doesn't take into consideration into 'wrapping up' these view for a dedicated vista appreciation which, for an instance, this view were captured in between windows of one of the rooms!

Uniquely, the river were name Mili-wat,  (a combination of milli as in millimeter, and watt as the measurement unit for electric, but it has nothing to do with those two actually) and if we were to wrongly miss-spell it as Meliwat it could represent another meaning in Malay which is 'sodomy'.  Plus, the site actually located at a local area known as Menggatal, which if we were to literally translate as a Malay word to English it would means - flirtatious. Hillariously unique, I think. No offence to Sabahan, but everybody else from Peninsular thought these names were uniquely hillarious. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mount Kinabalu?


This place is supposed to overlooking the majestic Mount Kinabalu, but I wasnt able to capture it that day.. 

sparkling sunset

Burst of the rays on fine evening! Highlighted clouds appears very dramatic.

can you spot the morning moon

A fine Friday morning. Can you spot the wanning moon..not willing to leave?  :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu

I chose this hotel because other participants of this visit were here and no further reason that. If I were to chose a hotel, in Kota Kinabalu, I would rather choose those that were located within the walking distance of  the beach or the city centre, so that I don't have to depends on other mode of transportation other than my own two feet. It will make a different if I were here on leisure and I have all the time to cover places on my own sweet time by hiring a car. Since, I'm here on my own and I have specific programme within very limited time that being permitted, so this is the sort of arrangement that I have to deal with.

The hotel is actually located nearby the city centre but not within walking distance of any other places of interest and furthermore the entrance route to this particular hotel were diverted further from the actual distance that you think where it was located (it seems near but drifted away kind of place). However if you prefer a more privacy, and away from all those bickering traffic pollution, this could be your spot. The hotel wasn't as posh as it name, nothing close to any palace in the world that is, but limited to just a basic comfortable hotel with all the basic amenities that you would wish a hotel to have. I mean, look at the price you are paying, so be fair. And I guess, from looking from these two photos that I uploaded you can basically imagine the whole scenario (you can actually get more info from Palace Hotel own website).

Bathroom was very basic, nothing posh. If I were to compare the same room rate of Vistana, I believe I'm getting a little bit less in terms of spaciousnes and layout design. The only complain would be; the vertical blind of its window IRRITATE me the whole entire night as it can't be pull down any lower to cover the entire window and I kept seeing those neon lights from afar. Am all grumpy for that, thank you.

Time freeze at Kota Kinabalu International Airport

I have arrived at Kota Kinabalu International Airport a 2.5 hrs earlier than my actual departure time to Kuala Lumpur. It is not an achievement that I could be really proud of or something that I really looking forward to do but being that the only other choice would be extending my stay at the not-so-fancy-hotel for a hefty additional sum, so I guess doing this is the only sensible thing that I could think of at the moment. Am lucky enough  to spot a McD around the corner at level 3 of the departure common hall, so here I am blogging this down in order to fill the time that, I have now so much to my own. However, I was feeling quite uncomfortable for having to choose a seat at the outer aisle just to be close to my bags and belongings on the push-cart, plus this particular branch is blaring some tune than loud enough that could be heard in between the Bruno Mars tune through the earphone that I have plucked into my ears. However, having to seat in this main terminal with such a bright ambiance, that comes from its triple-volume ceiling height with blaring glass-walls of its modern architecture, with a spikier environment compare to dilapidated-look of Terminal 2 does help me to wind-down from a tiring morning-half of my day, but still doesn't help me to ease the uncomfortable feeling from being 'in the middle of the world' with people passing by and screening my typing skills. ;|

And, a flight delay is not something in my wishlist!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fly again

I'm flying again for second consecutive days but a longer airborne than yesterday. My day has been hectic, being that at 1030am I'm attending a visit in Kuantan some 250km away from Kuala Lumpur, and reach my office in Subang Jaya some 5hrs later for a quick project briefing to my project team before heading for KL International Airport for a 2.5 hrs flight to Kota Kinabalu which I'm guessing, a couple of thousands km away from Kuala Lumpur across the South China Sea.

I'm writing this at thousands of feet above ground simply because, I've completed a 172pages of book that I just bought at the airport (titled, How to Read a Person Like a Book) and other than listening to FT Island of Kpop fame, I don't have anything else to do; I can't sketch, my sketch book is way up on one of those compartment and I don't feels like creating anymore visible noise to others who seems to have soothe themselves down under the dim light of the cabin and the weather wasn't as smooth as the first hours, so it's basically nothing much to do to kill time! And my battery is running low..perfect timing to be so (okay, am just being sarcastic there) but not to worry by the time I upload this on my blog, I may have reach my hotel room and ready to go sleep (as non-challenging as it may sounds, I bet I would not be having an early retreat tonight even though I could already felt the soreness eating up my muscle..am getting to uptight for this)


I think I have to find a way to make my children understand; travelling, be it an air-travel or on roads, wouldn't be much fun if one have to do it continuously one after another from one place to another, non-stop and without much of the leisure aspect of it. Plus, it add up to everything of not having fun at all without having them around! Also, facebooking is no longer fun too...and books, too heavy a bag I have already.

But, this is something I chose to do and I have to do it, well! I'm not complaining, it's just that I miss them!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

eastern horizon twilight

Here I am looking out to a breathtaking twilight over the eastern horizon of Tanjung Lumpur while dining to scrumptious grilled fish. I love the composition of the waning gibbous moon that rises on the eastern sky with it looking slightly bigger than usual (or was it only optical illusion of my tired eyes?) and the flying birds, with the dramatic branches framing the edge. I think I just ended such an exhausted day wuth a beautiful scene lock in my mind to take to bed with (oh yes, i'm definitely going to head straight to my hotel room, take my overdue shower and jump straight to bed, pluck in my earphone and goes to zzzzzz). It'll be another long day again tomorrow!

Oh, I forgot to mentioned! This particular spot were not exactly along the main road of Tanjung Lumpur. It faces the South China Sea instead of Pahang River. Presumably that you are coming from Kuantan city centre direction, you have to take one of the left junctions which lead to Kampung Tanjung Lumpur and the beaches were known as Pantai Sepat. In my photo, you are actually overlooking the cape of Tembeling Resort,and the waterbody that makes up the balance of framing is the Southe China Sea. Beyond the cape is actually the famous Pantai Teluk Chempedak.

buds ain't green

I love the effect of the wilted tree trying to 'seek' a fresh new 'life' and buds ain't always green!! Azure sky over Kuantan gives a vivid contrast to it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Private pool

A week-end need not necessarily means an end to your routines; it's just an end to working days of the week. Therefore, there are plenty of other activities to do or rather a weekend-routines to complete those 2 days of week-end. But when I became tied-down to continuous strings of weekdays routines, it would only means that I have to 'mess-up' with my family's routine for the weekend. Guilty, I am!
However, we are lucky that this week-end comes with additional days to it, as there'll be a holiday for celebrating Prophet Muhammad birthday and continuously a Thaipusam on Tuesday (eventhough I'll have to work on that day :( So,when such opportunity come across, for the children to enjoy those extra days with their favourite activity at the moment-pool time that is, which I'm glad that we have the advantage of enjoying private pool to our own. They'll be in there for hours, and I'll be able to continue with my work...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A day trip to Mentakab

It is definitely the first time for me having to drive to remote Mentakab, roughly 150km away from Kuala Lumpur..

Crack of the dawn

I think those who still creeping under their blankets at this hour when dawn is leaving us with a beautiful tangerine hue of the sun cracking it shines to the world-would loose out to such beauty of the day.
And here I am making my early start to a journey east...