Sunday, March 14, 2010

An evening in Teluk Chempedak Beach

We were actually visiting our SIL in Kuantan and we decided to 'explore' Teluk Chempedak Beach as tourist would do.. I mean, we were so used to that place that we find there ain't nothing spectacular about it. Of course there's now a drive through McDonalds and KFC at the entrance to the beach-line which creating a particular blockage for vehicle to get nearer to the beach. So, you had to park somewhere and walk your way to the beach..

Fancy, that there are people whom swimming their way through the water which is actually quiet dangerous to do so giving the fact that its topography beneath the water is not as shallow as what expect it to be. Anyway, after letting the children to enjoy the sand and play with their bubble balloons, we headed for some refreshment at the nearest rows of stalls. We particularly pick the one selling cool coconut drinks, freshly pick and we happens to order 'sotong kangkung' from the menu...taste deliciously good!