Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sitiawan - the way I remember...

I remember Sitiawan as a small town where I did drove by once or twice during my early childhood. The last time I drove-by Sitiawan was in 2004 where my family and I were actually heading for Teluk Batik. So basically, Sitiawan is a town where you only drove by on your way to Teluk Batik or to Lumut. It used to be an old town with series of colonial shop houses, but nowadays it has evolve to be a develop town and perhaps has gather the status as a city? (I'm not sure whether it has been upgrade to a city status, but the whole development makes it looks like one, the only trace to the old Sitiawan would be the existing colonial shop houses). And, it has already had a drive-thru McD while Ipoh still aren't any - so, it's a city or what?

For the past one year, I have to get myself to Sitiawan on monthly basis to attend meetings of a development project undertaken by our Firm, until it has recently completed. I remember that I started going during the period of road widening for the trunk road leading from Sri Iskandar to Sitiawan was still at the early stage of its construction, and now it has completed and I have no longer need to drag my hubby to accompany me. The older road was narrow with lots of heavy vehicle and the journey seems forever. Now, I can reach Sitiawan in 3 hrs (if you exit via Bidor from NKVE)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Vacation in Bukit Merah

A fun-filled family trip up north to Bukit Merah Laketown resort

Ferry Ride to Penang

I can't believe we were stuck in the que to board the Ferry for more than an hour!! the children has started getting grumpy by minutes...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Clock Tower of Teluk Intan..

My family and I went to attend a wedding of a good friend in Teluk Intan. We later decided to take a tour around Teluk Intan and visited the 'Clock Tower' of which famously known for its similarity to the famous Pisa Tower of Italy.

The Clock Tower is actually constructed of good  quality which why it could stand until today, but of course who would have thought it would actually built to cater the water storage of the whole Teluk Intan?! Errrr...??

Monday, November 17, 2008

'Hiking' up Fraser's Hil

As long as I lived, my parents never took me to Fraser's Hill nor did I have any interest of going there. Rumours has it that, there was nothing much to do other than being appreciative of the slightly cool temperature than the normal 36 degree Celcius that we are having here in Klang Valley.

Anyway, on a what was a boring weekend, my hubby suggested that we drove up there.. well why not.. Our journey was via Kuala Kubu Bharu where we make our pit stop to get some snacks (do you know that Kuala Kubu Bharu was the location for Baik Punya Cilok a movie by Afdlin Shauki). We later drive through quite a quiet road, given the fact that there are only a couple of cars passes us by during the drive to the bottom of the hill. The road going up the hill was terribly winding, if I were to relate to the most winding road I have ever drive on to, this would be far worse than the old road leading to Cameron Highlands from Tapah! It's quite scary when you can immediately sees the deep ravine next to your window..huhu

When we finally reach the top... I guess the rumours was right all along!! There ain't much for you to see or do unless you are an avid nature lover or you are the type whom enjoy the laid back and quite town...I guess it would be a better option to come to Fraser Hills with a bunch of frens or groups of people so you can have a gathering of some sort by enjoying the environment..

Anyway, we didn't spent much  time there and before the evening ends, we already queuing up to go home (there's actually a schedule of coming up/going down the hill as the only road leading is winding narrow)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Elephant Santuary in Kuala Gandah

If you were an outdoor person, you would sure to love this place..owh, don't forget the elephant ride!! Ilham freaks out when he saw the mammoth hair of the elephant and decided not to take the ride..Anyway, this Kuala Gandah is located quite a distance from Temerloh exit of East-Coast Highway and if you were to ask me to guide you to go to the place - OMG, I would be very sorry to say, I have no idea how to get there again!

But, if you nature alove, get into your car and head for this place - National Elephant Conservation Centre (NECC) in Kuala Gandah, Lanchang in the state of Pahang (make sure you have your own GPS).There is no specific entry fee but you are welcome to donate for the centre to cover some of their expenses. Here,they allow you to ride on the elephants which is part of the elephants daily exercise and you can join them for their bath in the river!


daily activities..

you can enjoy the ride on the elephant if you dare?!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Enjoy your weekend in Perdana Lake Park

Bring along your children, where you can enjoy the 'fresh air' from all the greens within the city..walking by the lake... that would bring out the sweat in you..then have a picnic while cooling down. Bliss...

The lone town of Benta

Benta: is actually a very small town north of Raub just 60km before you reach Lipis...the first impression given by my colleague was - its the sort of lone-communist-town! Imagine that!! Its first landmark upon turning left after the signboard of Benta, from the main trunk road is Shell petrol station on your left (going straight would lead you toKuala Lipis). Oh, the toilet facilities at the Shell Station here would be rated 4 of 5 for its cleanliness compare to any petrol station that you can find in KL) and further a few metres drive would be the Police Station on your right and immediately after that is just couple of rows of shops, community hall and a Masjid. There's no distinct architectural feature in this town, most of the shops either the basic 2 storey of 80's design or made of timber construction.

The town was subdivide by a river between the town and further community village (I'm not sure wheter it's Jelai River of ther Lipis River). If you drive further up of few meters (meters okay not kilometers here) where you could see the Petronas petrol station on your left, it means you already reach the trunk road that would lead you to Lipis - again. So, Benta is basically just that!! So, it's not a tough exercise for you to imagine how Benta looks like, eh? I promise, I snap some photos the next time I be there..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kota Bharu in 2008

Kota Bharu in 2008 doesn't look much difference from the trip that I first made with my parents in the late 80's. Perhaps certain infrastructure in the city centre has been upgrade, but it doesn't took away the whole 80's ambience.
I'm not a bargain hunter so, basically I don't know where else to go other than the Central Market known as Pasar Siti Khadijah. However, I don't have anything in mind to look for over there since I'm not a big fan of Kelantanese delicacies  (of which mostly sweet stuff) plus I'm not a big fan of cramp-crowded places, so the only thing we did was taking a tour around the city center on wheels..

Monday, July 14, 2008

Exploring Terengganu - July 2008

My first journey to Besut involved a continuous 600 kilometers of driving from Kuala Lumpur to Terengganu with the first pit-stop for breakfast in Kuantan, where we had a delicious calimari fried rice (it looks more of  fried calimari with rice with big portion of calamari than rice - nice!)
An hour later, we proceed the journey to Terengganu and after 5 hours of drive we reach Marang. We stop over by the coastal road and head for nearby stall for  quick lunch. All throughout, the weather was okay.

We decided to make another stop in Kuala Terengganu city centre which we regret so, as we were caught in traffic congestion. The congestion has delayed our arrival in Merang which is about 45 minutes journey from city centre. We opt to stay at Merang Suria Resort by the Tanjung Rhu Tapai beach facing the Redang Island. The resort however doesn't actually sits facing the beach, and you have to take a 5-minutes walk to take your stroll by the beach, however the beach was private and secluded, but as any other beach that facing South China Sea, it wasn't advisable to take a dip into the water even how alluring it seems to be.. Anyway , our room was on the 2nd floor and the room could be consider as neat. Its floor were finished with tiles which suit the condition of having to walk into the room with all the sands particle creeping your barefoot..Our windows are facing the sea while the entrance corridor was facing the pool, which create an advantage. However, the buffet was quite bland, so don't give a very high expectations on food here.

We checked out the very next day, not due to any bad reason that is, but we need to head for Besut which is about an hour journey from Merang. So, we checked-in at Bukit Keluang Beach Resort. It is an interesting resort with clusters of individual timber chalet with intricate carvings for selection. However it doesn't located immediately to the beach and you would need to walk more than 15minutes to get to the nearest beach.. Due to that, we decided to travel to Kota Bharu as it was only an hour away from our current location.

With all the traveling, we head home straight from Besut, stopping only for lunch.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nilai 3

The first time I set foot in Nilai 3, I have this huge question-mark in my head - "why on earth would people come here to shopp??" It is so far away from city centre and it doesn't has anything more interesting other than the warehouse-like shopps selling mostly carpets, linens and flowers.. It's hot and humid with so many people (I have no idea where they're from) this is so not for me!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Long journey to Raub

I remember the first time ever I was being told to go to Raub by my Principal, I was so nervous, I was like wth that place is??? It turn out to be a journey through a narrow, quiet road of 2hrs drive (actually it feels like forever!!) huwwaaaaa...