Thursday, October 29, 2015

29 Oct'15 After 7 weeks

Haze is gone, and the bright sky and its clouds are back!

26 Oct 2015 An ID Seminar in PWTC

And I can't stop to wonder why the ceiling need to be 'cloudy'?!

19 Oct'15 Newly refurbished Putra Mall

Previously known as The Mall, the shopping complex is now know as Sunway Putra Mall

Experiencing parking nightmare..

Hospital Selayang is a parking nightmare

Wazing through the haze

It's been awhile since my last entry back in May 15, 2015. Been too engulfed with my current project which leave me with not much time on my own.
Spending too much time indoor, it is such a disspointment when you can't dwell mych outdoor once you got the free time to do so as it was already smogged up by the haze. Thanks much, neighbour. You must be proud of this legacy!!


Spotted my first ever 'asperatus'! Awesome! It's the latest type of clouds specified and still waiting to be accepted officially. It is a rare formation but it gives such visual impact.

Keropok lekor cheese

Experiencing Ophtomology

Keeping memoribilia

A&W Drive-through in Pj, the first ever in Malaysia, was rumoured to be closed down and demolished for new development. Just as keepsake ;(

Stunning altocumulus

First raya without Tok



The final hurdle, finally! The finale!!

Flying high with MAS


Super cool tri-cycle

Interesting Nooks of Ipoh Oldtown

Daytrip to Fraser's Hill