Wednesday, June 1, 2011

chaotic arrangement!!

How do you feel if, you didn't received any notice of meeting and suddenly you were being slammed for not distributing the information to others?? WTH..
And, would you feel as confusing as myself when, these people can call you up, a day before the suppose-date-to-be (and it was already way into the second half of the day) asking you to make an arrangement for them to get to the place of the meeting?? Hello?? they ARE the one who did issued the notice of meeting at the first place, and they have not contacted us for confirmation of issuance of that particular notice but at the end of the day, they have somehow managed to get our numbers?? errr...??? WTH

At this particular moment, I have a HUGE question mark in my head, " why does goverment have to employ such ..err can I say IDIOT?? "

owhh.. I managed to do wonders and secure all the arrangements and the coordinations, of course with a huge support from the rest of the project team ( just so you know, they are doing the full cursing as well ..haha)