Monday, May 28, 2018

MAY 2018 - I'm back!!

On hiatus since 2016.
Am on another set of world.
Juggling time in between out-of-office meetings every other day, long distance travels almost every week, drawing coordinations, material coordinations, reports and paper works, late into nights and sometimes mornings.
FAMILY, my backbone was squashed in spaces in between.
It's not easy.
Burn out.
Almost at the verge of breakdown; well my car did and never recover.
I survived.
And then come Winter 2017.
New air, new environment, new cities, new walk of life with familar faces for accompanionship.
. . . .
Recovery plan malfunction.
Come May 2018 - I think I need to FLY!
Cross the borders.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Life of an Architect-first quarter of 2016

On average, 2 out-of office meetings each week, 2 outstation trips fortnightly with at least 1 stay-over, and there are design sketches then comes design reports, minutes, project documentations, presentations, details drawings, work programmes..and it is not only referring to 1 project only but multiple of it. Current project, new proposals, previous proposals, tender and more reports.

I hardly use much CAD or Revit nowadays and most of the time it was limited to zooming-in and zooming out or checking the dimensions.

At my level, it's all about strategising, coordinating and management. The only pure architecture bits that left with me are sketches.

And I have been neglecting my blog, my other journal..and most of all, my ownself.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Marking places

The numbers of these memorabilia has multiple for the past 3 years and it has now covers the main front of our fridge door and also the side panels of it. It represent the places that we have been. Some, represent places that we have never been but was given as souvenirs by friends and family member.

Experiencing Coliseum

Good food with down the memory-lane-kind of-setting. We dine at the original Coliseum Steakhouse itself in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman just to ensure that we have set the 'benchmark of the taste' before going to other branches.

Brilliant day for roadtrip