Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ipoh-a dead city at night?

I'm quite 'amazed' to the fact that there weren't any street lights along Yau Tet Shin Street heading to Onn Jaafar Street, in fact the whole stretch of Onn Jaafar Street from Sultan Iskandar Street were not light up. Driving through these streets I come to wonder what actually happened? It couldnt be due to the auto-timer that wasn't working as there are a few lights that were lit on. And to assume that those bulbs could possibly be defused; we are talking about rows and rows here. So, what possibly be? Ipoh city centre were not properly light it because the authority prefered Ipoh to remain as dead-city?
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

multi ethnic cafe at Padang Ipoh

If you love local food especially known as 'rojak pasembur', this would be the place you should come if you are in Ipoh. Of course, some people would say, there are better version in Penang, but for people like me who wouldnt care to go as far as Penang just for the sake of 'rojak pasembur', this place would be a solution. The stall is located at the entrance of a chinese kopitiam - kedai kopi fatt kee of a row of shop lots facing Padang Ipoh, but prepared by mamak which is similar concept to the famous 'nasi ganja' in Ipoh.

But getting there is a little bit tricky if you are not familiar with the traffic route leading to this lane. In fact, I have to make a loop around Padang Ipoh and get into the lane from the Magistrate Court. It would be easier if you are on foot. The landmark would be HSBC Bank and of course the Padang Ipoh. So, give it a try!  ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'Ciggar lady' you would be deeply missed..

I've been putting off this entry as it was written in another notebook and it wasn't available until today..
So, this would be a monologue dedicated to the 'ciggar lady'...

country view

Waking up in the morning to a country view is so much more different as an adult compare to when I was a young child. Adding on to that fact, we all woke up to the morning which definitely turn out to be different than any other morning in our lives, and it would never be the same anymore, so much more different than before.

To that particular morning of October 11th, 2011, even though it seems to be a glory day with the sun shining brightly and reflecting upon the watered padi-field, it would somehow cast a gloomy shade to all the faces especially my dearest cousins as it would be the last morning that we would be giving beloved mother and aunt a ‘visit’ as she had already left us the evening before and we will be sending her off where she will be laid to rest and meet her Creator Allah Almighty. It is such a serene day for me and my family, and I believe she did leave with a serene mind and at peace. I am sure my mom would miss her sister the most as my aunt is the only sister she had! 

Reconciling the moment, I think I had a good memory of her when I was a child. It was her place where we used as our hang-out place every time we goes back to our grandmother’s place. I remember back then, I had always wakes up to a good aroma of morning coffee or something being cooked over the traditional charcoal-wood stove or the cigars that my aunt puff-away every time she had her betel. Back then, I would be having such celebrated holidays breakaway enjoying myself with my cousins doing stuff only country kids do and I would seem so aloof compare to the rest, but hey, it was all FUN! It was something that I look forward to every school breaks.

However, that was a good time of yesteryear's. When the rest of my cousins who mostly older than me started getting married and I was in my teens, we get far apart as they were no longer there each time I went home to my grandmother’s place and we no longer share the same interest in life. The FUN was all gone. And my visits have became less and less frequent when I reach my college days and later when start a family on my own.

So, on that particular day, even though I was surround with beautiful panoramic country view before me, I was hit with such melancholy by just looking at it. The thoughts of everything would not be same anymore hit my logic sensuous. So, I tried snapping away some photos, hoping that it would always remains close to my heart. I know, things have change compare to the good old days, and somehow I believe it will continue to change and keeping the memories of today being the last day for my aunt, I hope I will be able to cherish it later as one of the fond memories in my life.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Zaman berzaman being Restoran Zaman

'Zaman' literally would mean 'time of the decade', so to name a restaurant by that and to remain strong for a record time of nothing less than 30years is a pure success. So, if you google 'restoran zaman' it will always lead you to Kuantan or if you ask around 'name on of the famous eatery in Kuantan', people would list this restaurant as one being in the list.

Despite being known as being such hit among patrons, it always strike me a question of  'how good is their food?'. So far, I have tested their famous nasi lemak, roti canai and mi kari, and my summary of those 3 menu(s) would be just 'plain average', as I've tasted a far better somewhere else, even though not in Kuantan. Perhaps, it could be one among the best in Kuantan alone, or perhaps it is simply because it's more of personal preference. Therefore, don't let me stop you from going there, and have a taste of those famous menu, who knows it will suit your palette just as fine with the rest of the world, as I don't mind being different! But, let me warn you this, do not go there after 9am, you'll either goes home frustrated with hunger because everything is all gone to other people's tummy or you'll need to be part of the long ques, for the food or for a place to sit or for a place to park your car! Whatever it is, enjoy yourself!

*The restaurant is located not far away from the Airforce Base if you are exiting the east coast hiway via Gambang exit, or just after the exit from the Airport along Jalan Gambang.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Murtabak Mengkasar

Murtabak is sort of fried, spicy lasagna which is filled with lots of minced beef or chicken but with no cheese but lots of eggs. It is usually accompany with pickled onion. 'Murtabak Mengkasar' is named after a place in royal town of Pekan which also known as Mengkasar and it is famously known as being tastily good and thick (of course being so thick than the normal murtabak, it'll come with' thicker price')   ;)

So, if you couldn't make it to Pekan, (like me) you could find your treat here in Kuantan nearby the East-Coast Mall. It taste as good.

Weekend getaway-our style with the help from Zenith

I'm glad my children are enjoying themselves with the 5-star facilities that we are getting from Zenith Kuantan compare to what we are getting at Suria Cherating. We have specifically strategized it this way so that we could get the best of 'both world' and the children experience it all - a weekend getaway, our style!!

Zenith would be the first 5-star rated hotel I’ve stay during this millennium era. I did not know or rather did remember much of other 5-star hotel/resorts that I’ve ever stayed with my parents during my young childhood days. So in comparison to other 3-4 star rated hotels/resorts that I’ve stayed so far for the past 10 years, Zenith would definitely be on top of the list especially for its ambience,  food & facilities but on the other hand, it is a definite a suicide-attempt for my wallet! ;)

Zenith Hotel up close

view from our room

Zenith, is just a few months old and it stands tall in the middle of Kuantan city centre, fronting the East Coast Mall with a convention centre under its wings. If you were driving around Kuantan city centre, you would definitely see the tall building from afar as it would be among a few 18 over storeys building in Kuantan. I would say, having a Convention Centre is giving this hotel an added advantage as I don’t really quite into the idea of staying away from the beaches while you are in Kuantan which is so famous for its beaches and sea-side resorts, unless you have other specific itinerary to do like a seminar or meetings or conventions which being held away from the beaches. So, here I am at this hotel for the latter reason ;)

So, what can you expect from this Hotel? For a start, your arrival is welcome with free-flow welcome drinks at the lobby instead of the typical of just one short glass. The lobby is a huge triple volume space with quite a simple contemporary modern approach to its design, and I have nothing to complain about the ambience that being created by the design but I do prefer a better segmented spaces in the lobby rather than you-can-see-everything-through once you popped out from your car at the porte-cochere. It would also be good to have a more secluded lounge area if you were to hang out at the lobby rather than the existing openness. Also, I would prefer not to be kept waiting to be serve for the check-in process at the reception as I think the counter is big enough to accommodate more than 2 attending personnel at any one-time or did my expectation of 5 star treatment is rather over-demanding? However, getting yourself to your designated floors for your room is fast with 4 lift-cars to serve you and you don’t have to worry for your safety as you could only get onto the designated levels with your key-card being swiped at the panel. And if you have problems about it, there’s a phone call away for the rescue at every lift-lobby of the hotel.

The deluxe room that I chose, is comfortably basic of soothing beige-colour scheme, and the king-size bed is plush with 4+1 pillows (I love the idea of having all those pillows for myself) with LCD TV, internet connection and bed-side control panel for the air-condition (which I don't have to get up from my bed in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature).The room has a full-height glass wall facing the city-view and you could catch a glimpse of the South China Sea far ahead of the view. Nice!! But, don’t look down – if you happened to get a room facing the central podium, all you could only see is the ROOF!! Ouch, quite upsetting though, so shut your blind, and get freshen up, the room has quite a bath room and it’s clean (but the door has no specific lock, so if you need to share your room with somebody, make sure you share your room with somebody trustworthy..hehe)

There’s only one restaurant for the Hotel at the moment and it’s located at the ground floor. The ambience is ‘appetising’ and I don’t have any complain on the design. On top of that, I would say the quality of food served was quite scrumptious for a hotel standard, which usually turn out quite bland.
If you prefer to stay in-door, you may hop into the hotel’s gym or its spa or you could bring your children to its playroom located within the same level. The pool is rather small to the ratio of this hotel and the spaces around it rather tight as well. And I think, by having an infinity pool but were not allowed to be at the edge is rather impractical. However, if you prefer to feel the city, you can always do so. A quick shopping or quick grab for your cuppa at the Starbucks would be just a few steps outdoor by crossing the road in front of the hotel to the East Coast Mall. Or if you have your own transport, you can always drive around and I don’t think you’ll ever get lost in Kuantan. ;)

Weekend excursion @ Kuala Kemaman

Kuala Kemaman

Where we get our 'keropok lekor' supplies

local delicacies - otak-otak, sata & pulut panggang 'kemaman style'

where we whine down for morning break for the taste of local delicacies 'kemaman style'

bakery - traditional way

Weekend Getaway @ Suria Cherating

Suria Resort Cherating is dilapidating. I've been here before in 2005 and six years later it look a little bit rundown. However, for a 3 star resort, it is cheaper compare to other resorts in this area of Cherating (a standard twin bed room cost me RM150) which explain why others were full house despite the price. SO, if they dont do anything to refurbish the resort in very near future, it would be the last time I step foot here, and I think it would be the same with the rest of the people. Plus, I dont like the idea of having only ONE pillow per bed!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Satay Zul: talk of the town

Arrive in Kuantan around 930pm and the journey leave us stark hungry. So we decided to give 'Satay Zul' a try. Word of the mouth says it's one of the famous satay in Kuantan. The service was fast, however when it comes to taste of the food, I would say that I have my personal preference as it is a little too sweet for my taste bud and with that, I would not patronize it more than once, but you should give it a try before you decide.

Another round of Kuantan

I just got back from Kuantan on recent thursday, but am scheduled for another meeting on monday morning, very early that I could only possibble to make it on time if I were to leave home no later than 5am. 5am is way to dark for me to drive alone, and we are talking about quiet east-coast hiway here. Therefore, I have came up with a brilliant idea, get everybody to tagg along with me and treat them for weekend getaway. However, the children got to be genius by suggesting an extra day ahead for a full leisure day on sunday! So, here we are, making our way to Kuantan.. ;)
Enjoy your weekend too!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Faces of the sky

When I look back at most of the photos that I've been snapping through out my journey of KL-Kuantan-KL today, these turn out to be the summary of my day. It reminds me how wonderful it is to be able to breathe under this wonderful skies!

The Sky: at 9am, you can still see the moon (somewhere above the clouds)

The Sky: at 12noon, it's glaring!

The Sky: at 5pm, cumulus has started building up.

The Sky: golden sunset upon arrival at DUKE -north bound

The Sky: slightly after 7pm, scarlet reflection of the dusk

The Sky: reflection of the dusk

The Sky: twilight setting in

Sports facility in Gambang

The Sports Facility for one of the school in Gambang is finally completed. It may be small and as typical as any sport centre would be, but am proud of the accomplishment anyway!

Drama on the skies

I was snapping some photos of my project site when I heard the loud noise above, on the skies and there's this couple of jets flying over (those tiny dots..) but I didnt expect the photo to turn out as dramatic as so, enjoy my 'amature composition'!!  ;)

My Journey

Love this scene. This is what gives me the inspiration to keep on driving. On a good and clear morning the road at Bentong intersection would be engulfed with light fog, while the morning sun tries to creep through. Breathtaking!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remote Pelangai

Am 'travelling' on my own again this morning and this would be my second trip to the remote project site in Pelangai. The location is located almost 40km from Karak, the nearest civilised town to this place but it took me almost an hour of driving to reach the destination as the average speed was just 60km. The road is very narrow, it gives me such quiverring tense everytime I saw a lorry coming towards me from opposite lane, and it passed you really close with only a precise gap left side mirror. It is also a quiet road (as seen in photos) where I only come across not more than 10 vehicle along the 1hr journey. And I think the whole stretch would better suit a rally race as it is winding with lots of s-bends infact a contiuous bend after another.

At the end of the day, I'm relieve I managed to arrive at the destination safely.

quiet road

quiet road with rows of orchard (durian trees mostly)

Telemong town

Telemong town

Manchis town

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Breakfast in Malacca

driving around Banda Hilir for a good breakfast spot

We found a good breakfast spot in Keledang Kecil known as Warung  Hajah Rubiah. We tried the Laksa Nyonya, Asam Pedas, cucur Bilis and its kueh-mueh.All are yummilicious!! got to come back for more!

found the breakfast spot but it was in Kelebang Kecil

yummy Laksa Nyonya

Meridien Straits Hotel

It definitely be the first and the last time for us at the hotel... why?

more to it..

'the porch' of the hotel

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vibrant weekend night of Jonker Walk

The whole atmosphere along Jonker Street in Malacca on weekend night is lovely and vibrant, but be ready to sweat yourselves through from end to end. People from all walks of life are seen flocking through the busy street which has been turn to a vibrant night market and most of them are in groups. All vendors are seen selling interesting items be it from smallest fridge magnet as souvenirs, to antiques or local delicacies.

start of  'the walk'


lots of stuff

the signboard says it all

experiencing malacca at night

river cruise along Malacca River at night

Hang out around the Stadhuys

upsetting seafood excursion @ umbai

We were all craving for good seafood dinner, so we decided to give this particular seafood place known as Parameswara in Umbai, Malacca a try. Summary to this exrcursion - upsetting!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jupiter in the sky

Spot the jupiter this evening, seen as tiny dot at 4o'clock of the full moon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When you have some 'bugs' in your nose and throat!!

I really feel agitated when having these combination 'bugs' harassing my nose and throat, and it didnt seems to go away!! It seriously create the discomfort of life and I guess it is the reason why there're 'thumping noise' in my head and a rise in my body temperature. It bugs me!!
I hope I wouldnt have to go to see a doctor for third time in a row, if so that would be my record of life! And for that sake, i've been diligent enough at taking my medicine, next round would be at 12!
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Monday, November 7, 2011

One fine evening..

This evening has remarkably turn out to be so fine; the sky is still covered with thick cumulus but it remain bright not gloom as past few days plus the air is cool and windy! A great day for children to spent their time at the playground! It is such a fine day indeed..

Friday, November 4, 2011

TGIF? think again!!

Hey, it's not I'm against friday but this friday would be different and it started with traffic congestion for entire Klang Valley especially those exit links! Elite Hiway was heavy, even Guthrie is too! It is all the result of city denizens leaving for the long Eidul Adha weekend.
Imagine, it took me almost 90mins to reach home for what usually takes 30mins on normal days and NO, I will not join the rest to leave Klang Valley tonite. I would prefer a relaxing drive and I think I'll just do it early in the morning tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

driving vs rain

Driving through rain and bad weather drained-out the energy in you..and I've been driving continuosly through such weather since 230pm and at 655pm, I have a balance of 30km through the crawling nkve to reach home!! Am so exhausted!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Architecture:My darling project is completed!

This pic only shows part of the whole package, but snapping it all the way from the top of water tank tower made me feels so overwhelm. I'm proud and thankful it is now completed!! It may not be a mega project but I've given all that i have, knowledge and effort, not forgetting all the support that I can get from people around me, therefore, I feel so blessfully head over heels!!