Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sitiawan - the way I remember...

I remember Sitiawan as a small town where I did drove by once or twice during my early childhood. The last time I drove-by Sitiawan was in 2004 where my family and I were actually heading for Teluk Batik. So basically, Sitiawan is a town where you only drove by on your way to Teluk Batik or to Lumut. It used to be an old town with series of colonial shop houses, but nowadays it has evolve to be a develop town and perhaps has gather the status as a city? (I'm not sure whether it has been upgrade to a city status, but the whole development makes it looks like one, the only trace to the old Sitiawan would be the existing colonial shop houses). And, it has already had a drive-thru McD while Ipoh still aren't any - so, it's a city or what?

For the past one year, I have to get myself to Sitiawan on monthly basis to attend meetings of a development project undertaken by our Firm, until it has recently completed. I remember that I started going during the period of road widening for the trunk road leading from Sri Iskandar to Sitiawan was still at the early stage of its construction, and now it has completed and I have no longer need to drag my hubby to accompany me. The older road was narrow with lots of heavy vehicle and the journey seems forever. Now, I can reach Sitiawan in 3 hrs (if you exit via Bidor from NKVE)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Vacation in Bukit Merah

A fun-filled family trip up north to Bukit Merah Laketown resort

Ferry Ride to Penang

I can't believe we were stuck in the que to board the Ferry for more than an hour!! the children has started getting grumpy by minutes...