Monday, June 23, 2014

Heat waves

Been monitoring the temperature of the day for the past few days..eventhough not on daily-regimented-basis, but it's something to worried about.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grey virtue: when boredom strike

When grey rules!! Grey is always associated with dullness or boredom-ness. Why is that so? Why grey, and not other colors?! Perhaps the easiest explanation would be because grey is derived from a mixture of Black and White. Black and white is always associated with yes or no, ying and yang, dark or light, beauty or the beast, so when it become grey, it turn out to be something undecided, or something that we just play-safe to go by, or something that either here or neither there. So, when you feeling a bit gloom, it's not that you are totally in the dark about something, it's just that you're in such transition of not knowing what exactly to do, or where exactly should you pick the brain to start the thinking or what should the actual feeling be.
But, still GREY always play a great part in our life. There's always a grey moment fr time to time. So, love it as it is. I do. And so, we could move on! Cheers.
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Pettiessery ?!

I'm so thrilled to be able to do those creamy-dollop for my first time-ever (I'm not sure what it was termed as in bakery world). Just those dollops!! The cake was already baked by my niece!! Haha..I know, I know!! When you have a niece (actually nieces) who can actually bakes better, much much better than you actually will be all thrill even just being ask to put in the final touches!! Thanks darling!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I wish I could seriously paint

I was turning all-green inside when I saw these 'tubes' at my friend's place. I really wish that I could seriously paint!! :(

Friday, June 13, 2014

Inter-continent love

Nobody can stop the love of two people, if they're already deep into it. I attended the wedding reception to celebrate the marriage between two lovely people. Congratulations Cat and Seb! The function went smoothly and very much fun, the food is great and the emcee did a good job, although having to seat at the front table gives a more louder decibel to my ears.
Wishing you guys all the happiness till eternity. It proves distance did not effect the love once you had it deep.
p.s Cat dear, you owe a chat-session!! :p


Been spotting lots of contrails lately. Enjoying the energetic move of it. This particular earthling is getting too fascinating by it! ;)


Was fascinated by the way those two building were framing the undulatus in such parallel-ism.
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Kuantan River

Standing at the river mouth looking at vast vista of the great South China Sea on a bright mid morning turn out as a blissful way to enjoy the day, the weather and of course the vista. The wind is blowing softly, and the bright sun is not dispersing the sort of scorching rays that would bute your skin, but enough for you to get a good dose of vitamin D. So, next time you are in Kuantan, get yourself to Esplanade Tanjong Api, nearby Taman Gelora, and enjoy the breeze. You would want to pack some light snack ;) 
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Kuantan River Cruise

It's Kuantan River which runs along city of Kuantan and separating the Tanjong Api and the opposite Tanjong Lumpur. I always thought it as Sungai Pahang (it's embarassing to realized that I wasn't all polished on the geography bits of Malaysian let alone Pahang).
Anyway, I'm getting all excited to get on the Cruise of Sungai Kuantan. The cruise was suspended when the Kuantan Waterfront was being refurbished, so now that it is completed, the Cruise is now back in operation. However, it is very regretfully to notice that the Cruise was not being promoted or marketed efficiently. Unlike those cruises that I've been on while being in Europe, where signages were readily available and easily lead lead public to the dock/jetty, the Kuantan Cruise however, were lack of that. It was  only due to my all-will aspiration to get on the cruise-by hook or by-crook-means that seriously lead me to it or else I would have given it up. The jetty was called Jetty Syahbandar and located in close distance to the Kuantan Municipal building.

But the cruise was fun and interesting and informative. So, give it a try, peeps!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

National Museum Kuala Lumpur

A visit to Museum Negara. What should you expect of a museum?! Personally, I enjoy each of my visit to any museums as I believe in practicality. Getting yourself immersed in all those 'live information' that were put to display is much more fun for us to learn something new rather than having to read it through your history text books.
However, I do have some tiny bit of reservation with museums, generally in Malaysia: (1)most museum were not dust-off diligently, maybe they did their routine maintenance but perhaps they have to reconsider the intervals. Dust, tiny bit of dust and old accumulated dust gives me some sort of skin allergic. I always end up having a swollen-itchy fingers in the middle of each visits. (2)the management seems does not being bothered at all with the quality of air circulating within the museums. Airconditioning were mostly not functioning at its best. (3)the quality of display- which seems it were placed at each cubicle 'to rot away'. I hardly sees each item being 'maintained' after it was left in those glass compartment.
(4).please don't give away the entrance for free. Nothing comes free of current state of living, so charge the visitors appropriately. 


Sunday, June 1, 2014


Looking back; April-May was a busy month. Each week, I had only a day 'grounded' at the office, whereby the rest of the days of  the week were spent running around for meeting(s). Multiple meetings in a week would just mean lots and loads of 'excess-baggage work' that keep piling up. I think I have come to a stage where I have become 'dumb' of not knowing where to exactly bury my head into in between those piles. My work desk looks horrible with no more empty space left for me to work on.

Too many work with one me. I can't breathe.