Monday, February 28, 2011

Kuala Terengganu - Besut again..

The flight this morning was a bit shaky, there are more clouds than usual morning flights but it was just for the first 10 minutes of the journey, whereby the rest of it turn out smooth. Arrive in Kuala Terengganu feeling a little bit sleepy with just 3 hrs of sleep last night. I hope I can stay awake for the meeting..the entire journey from Airport to Besut seems forever!!

Kg. Raja Besut - view taken from 6 meters from ground level

Kg. Raja Besut - view of main road taken from 6 meters from ground level

Flying off to Kuala Terengganu

There are already crowd of people at each domestic check-in counter when I make my way at 6am to Skypark. Neverthelessly, it only takes not more than 5 minutes for each passenger to register at the counter provided they don't have any luggage to check-in as well, so I would consider the man behind the counter as efficient.

Anyway, if you are early, you can grab your breakfastor your cuppa from the Starbucks or McDonalds or any other kiosk which has already operating at that hour. I noticed, the waiting lounge of Skypark today was crowded with passenger-to-be of 5 domestic routes. Everybody is about to embark the earliest flight available to major domestic destinations in Malaysia, be it Penang, Kota Bharu or like myself to Kuala Terengganu. I think for travelling on a budget or if you prefer a low-cost carrier, taking Firefly would be a better choice over Air Asia since you don't have to travel all the way through to LCCT and the parking rate here is only RM1.50 per hour (of course if you don't mind the ticket being slightly more than Air Asia), plus it is not overly crowded unlike LCCT. But of course, if you prefer 'posh' environment that taking up MAS at KLIA should be your pick.

Screening the crowd, I would say that, almost everybody were 'dressed' in their 'working suit'. As previous trip, there would be a bunch of people that I saw here whom would share the same return flight at the end of the day - just like myself .. So, lets home our journey today would turn out well. Ameen..

waiting lounge of Kuala terengganu Airport after check-in

Terengganu Airport taxiway

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Driving home to Subang

Spending some few hours in my hometown were not enough, but we have to rush back to Klang Valley and get other things done. Among other things, search for a new lappy. My current lappy has crash and it will take sometime for me to actually get it done with, and I simply can't hold on to the waiting game as deadline is near..

Wow, it has been a jam-packed week, and the weight would only ease off in a couple more days..Am flying over to Kuala Terengganu tomorrow for a meeting and I hope I can 'shut off' early tonite?!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ipoh Railway Station

A colonial building with intricate architecture details..

Ipoh via ETS

Safely arrive in Ipoh for a total of 2hrs 15mins. The ETS ride was smooth, but it cost a ‘bomb’ to fork out RM102  (RM30 per adult, RM21 per children between 4-12, of  KL-Ipoh route) to actually get 4 of us (2 adult and 2 children) to travel for a one-way ride from KL to Ipoh, plus the hassle to get someone to send us to KL Sentral from our residence in Subang and again for someone else to fetch us at the Ipoh Station! Whereas, for the same amount, I can get to Ipoh via own car at the comfort of door to door, to and fro!

dark and gloomy platform of KL Sentral

the ride

entertainment on board - top left corner is the speed its going

Economically, that, would be one of the main concern of using ETS, but of course the ride was fun and relaxing, the children was enjoying themselves with the comfort, and the space allocated for each seat was quite generous. Also, there's a 3-pin power point outlet at the wall, just under the seat for each window seat, so people can actually link their gadget to the power, but of course you have to ask for a window seat then (at this moment, the ticket price remain the same).

station on display

escalator is now avalaible to connect between north and south bound platform

However, I think KTMB should take immediate action to clear out all the rubbish which has been littering along the route. It's so horrifying to see all those litter even under the darkening ambience of twilight.Also, I hope better consideration would take place to study the economical factor of the ticket price, since our public transportation were still not efficient unlike Singapore where all the transportation are well integrated. ETS might solve the issue of how to get from Ipoh to KL under 2hrs but you can't easily get yourself around in KL let say Kl  Sentral to Damansara, there is no public transport other than taxi. And ETS management also need to do feasibility studies of the prices that they are offering - RM204 for a family  of 4 for a journey from KL to Ipoh is not feasible at all if you are comparing to the comfort of traveling with own vehicle. I usually spent RM100 which cover the petrol and the toll - to and fro!!

Anyway, if you are fellow Malaysian, do give ETS a try..

Note: ETS counter ticket would be on right-section of KL Sentral, whereas the Shuttle Service's ticket were sold at KTMB counter situated on the left-section of KL Sentral, upon entering its foyer, if you are coming from Hilton Hotel's direction

Is it going to be Ipoh - next?

At this very moment, I'm not sure whether it's going to be - Ipoh, for our itinerary of the weekend, as the logistic handling of 8 people at one go with 5 seater car seems - impossible. So, ETS shall we??

Visiting the nursery..

It ain't any typical nursery that you could find along Jalan Sg Buloh, or those nurseries where you send your children to everyday. It was a nursery dedicated for the grass! Yupp, you read it loud and clear..I'm visiting the nursery for grass in UPM of where they have a specialist whom can tell you whether it was the right kind of 'cow grass' that you lay in your yard or whether you have treat it right or fertilize with the right kind of fertilizer..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Searching 'black keropok'

As it is Friday, I need to fill-in the time of Friday's prayer for certain activities that would take me away from a temporary deserted site. So, when for search of 'keropok lekor' at Tanjung Lumpur. You know, I've tested the keropok being sell at Mok Na stall which to me it tasted quite good, but I found other stall which its keropok tested even better and we can buy it directly from their 'small factory' - Pakcik Black Keropopk Lekor was located deep through the road of Peramu Low Cost Housing in Tanjung Lumpur.

But, of course you could still grab those fried-on the spot keropok lekor from Mok Na stall, besides other fried stuff and some sweet delicacies..However, if you're driving along the main road of Tanjong Lumpur from the city centre, there are actually quite a numbers of stalls selling almost the same thing. I have been to another stall across the road from where Mok Na stall is, but I guess this particular stall simply complete my journey..

Another Shot of Kuantan

I would be making my fourth visit for this month to Kuantan when morning comes. It wasn't part of this week's schedule, but the project site was broiling with issues, and I need to smoother some butter, so that if it need to be 'well done' then it has to be so, with no opportunity to let the whole thing 'burnt'!!

gloomy skies welcoming me to Kuantan this morning (owh..there's an eagle spreading its welcoming wings for me too..)
6:45pm - the east coast skyline I'm leaving behind for my trip home to Kuala Lumpur

I really 'hate' driving under gloomy dark skies!!

whoaa... the culumus is building up dark and almost felt like driving at night!
heavy rain

Thursday, February 24, 2011

this time around, a year ago..

On exact day of today, a year ago, I was making my way home from Zurich.. and as I was looking at the skies for the past few days, those memories come rushing back with a deep wish that I would be able to 'fly' again!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lipis revisited

The alarm strike obediently at 5am, and as usual, I would immediately snoozed it off to give me few minutes more to snug under the blanket..which contributing more than just couple of minutes, of course, regretfully that is!! It would be the typical attempt of getting-up at the wee hours of the day when I need to make a long-distance drive, which sadistically contributed by the insomniac in me.. Anyway, I was lucky to be able to beat the Duta-stretch morning congestion and make my way ahead to East-Coast Highway.

the twinkling dot in the middle of morning sky - i think it's a star

sparkling star and the jetwave at 630am

more jetwave

the morning twilight

Weather was great through out the in-bound journey and I reach Kuala Lipis within 3 hours drive. This time around, I make the attempt to drive around the town but I was careful not to get myself lost-in the way.

Make a stop at the Red Residence, a two-storey residence of colonial architecture building which has been painted in red. It was a shame that such heritage building were not maintained periodically, every nooks were an example of such ruin of good maintenance. I believe this building stood so grand during its era with the edge of being on the very top most highest level in Lipis.

The Red Residence

Red Residence was  built in 1922

Kuala Lipis - its town centre

And I drove around the town, passing by the post office with the legendary 0-mile stone in front of the building, couple of rows of colonial shop houses with intricate details still intact, the riverfront of Sungai Jelai which steep more than 20 feet down from the road level, and that's basically that..

Owh, meeting went brilliantly well. The client except the proposals which means it will keep me busy for months to come.. Great!! So, it wont be a surprise if I were to make immediate rush to the office... ;P

passing through Lurah Bilut

the journey!

Duta-NKVE stretch at 4pm

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wondering in the middle of afternoon madness

I was a little late, but I wonder how could it contribute to such congestion in the middle of Kuala Lumpur?
which makes me wonder, where does all these cars, suv(s), mpv(s), lorries, etc etc came from?
and I was wondering,  why aren't these people at work, I mean inside their office and at their desks, which would mean they would park their vehicle neatly someplace else?
which keeps me wondering, they can't all be having similar task as myself - rushing like mad through the city to get to my meeting place, can they really be so?
and I wonder, can I at least have some peace of mind and drive my way through this traffic madness under the afternoon blaring sun, successfully?

So, are you wondering, how miserable I was at that moment?

my morning sky of the day!

my fascination over the jet-line in the sky

Jalan Ampang-Tun Razak intersection - busy as ever!

love the azure-bright afternoon sky of Kuala Lumpur city centre
the depth of evening skies

Sunday, February 20, 2011

more than a decade..but we made it at Skypark

It's an opportunity hard to be missed - meeting up my old buddy after more than a decade being 'away' from each other company..
an hour is not enough to do the catching up...

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's a full moon tonite..but my auto-olympus camera doesn't do much justice..but I adore the scenery..

it's a full moon actually..

the clouds are moving fast..
clouds are moving away from the moon..

the moon and the sun - together??  ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Get-Together at BBM

It wasn't really planned for, but in conjunction of the public holiday celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad which also happened to be my cute-little princess's birthday..So, here we are in Bandar Bukit Mahkota to gather with her dotting aunt and uncle and cousins...a simple celebration but merry !!

Monday, February 14, 2011

3rd dose of Kuantan

Today, it would be my 3rd trip to Kuantan for this month alone!!

All that briefing and visits were overwhelmingly draining out my energy.. I was so exhausted from what seems like more than a kilometer of tour around the project site under the scorching heat of 39degrees!!

By the end of the day, I feel so drained-out, yet has to make it through another 300km of journey - home and moreover I have to make sure that I made through Karak-Bentong stretch before the twilight of the day sets in!!

If I were an 'ultraman', my battery would be blinking all the way as a sign of it will die-off energy. It has been a tough drive, trying to pass through the Duta-Damansara stretch, eventhough the traffic hasn't been as heavy as usual days.

My baterry will be 'kapoot' any seconds from NOW!

this sort of view which keeps me going..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love the serene Lembah Beringin

While I was updating my blog (I'm so slow when it comes to uploading photos), I came across these set of photos which reminds me of this wonderful place - Lembah Beringin! I wish there's a place like this nearby Kuala Lumpur where you can enjoy the greens and breathtaking scenery everyday - it's a great place to call HOME!!

hills and mountains backdrop, the entire valley spread out its greens..

the Club House and its Golf Course

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Karak - to and fro

Karak intersection - its toll booth via east-coast highway, to and fro! It'll be the end of winding road if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, but it will be the beginning of it - if you are arriving from East! Enjoy your drive... (I do!)

Karak intersection - the starts of winding road here after

Karak intersection during foggy morning - can u spot the toll booth?

what shall an early morning drive looks like...

traveling my way to the east early morning... these breathtaking scenery keeps me going!! Have to snap it and share it away..

the sun rising - was passing by Bukit Tinggi prior to this..

scenery of gombak-bentong highway stretch

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eve of each working day looks like..

These series of silhouette photos, was capturing what shall be like, the evening of my working days (small fraction of it, actually..most it was already dark!)

everybody was driving home?

the sun setting...