Saturday, September 29, 2012

Final leg of kindy years

Altogether, I have spent a total of 5 consecutive years, without fail by attending the annual graduation concert of the kindy. Each was interestingly phenomenal as these children were so adorable and all. This year's concert would mark as the final leg of all the concert and there will no longer be a 'free concert' for coming years.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sunshine girl

I could feel the sunshine through the melody. I wish it will continue to shine on. Enjoy it the way I did! :)
Sunshine Girl  is from my current favorite group FT Island taken from their third mini album entitled RETURN

p.s. the guy in red shirt is outstandingly handsome, isn't so? :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

cross country via LATAR Hiway

Getting to Lumut, a coastal township in Perak from Kuala Lumpur on weekdays for business reason might not sound so appealing compare to the trip there for vacation, more over if it is going to be a day trip. A mere 160km from Klang Valley, it is not being too far away of a distance but then I would regard the journey of crossing the country-side just to get to Lumut, as dreadfully boring. Imagine this, once you hit the North Klang Valley Expressway, the fastest way to reach to Lumut would be via Bidor Exit and that would only just half of the entire journey with just one-third of the time. You would then bypassed small township like Bidor, Teluk Intan, and rows and rows of small villages scattered along the road as well as rows and rows of the palm oil plantation. These trunk road leading to Lumut is just a single carriageway with speed limit of 60kmph. And even if you'd fancy speeding more than allowable speed, you'd still can't verge into it as the road surface is darn bad that you would pity your car to be having to go through such bumpy ride.

So, when I had the opportunity to try out a newly built expressway, I'd definitely grab the opportunity. LATAR Hiway is a new expressway connecting Gombak in Klang Valley to Kuala Selangor and as for me, I could easily tapped the route into Guthrie Expressway which lead to Subang. People earlier comments reported as; you would enjoy a better, scenic view travelling via coastal road from Lumut to Kuala Selangor compare to country-side view of Lumut-Bidor. Anyway, upon reaching home, my conclusion would be; I'd still have to choose Bidor-Lumut if time is of essence, but given the comparison of past experiences, time is always an important essence to me. So even, how dreaded I would feel driving through the Bidor-Lumut's route, it is still bearable in comparison to Kuala Selangor-Lumut, simply for these facts:
1. Traffic flow is unpredicted. I was driving along the 2 to 4pm time frame with a maximum speed limit of 90kmph but I rarely managed to go beyond 80kmph
2. Even the road is wide enough, a dual-carriageway, the slow-coaches would always remain at the fastest lane so there's no way you could pass by them

route map


It would mark as the first time ever of myself, touring around a shipyard. It is interesting to actually see from a close distance how a ship is constructed so that it can actually sail. Interesting it is.

Lumut waterfront-through the rain

Managed to reach Lumut 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled appointment of 10am, despite having to drive through a cold morning downpour and despite having to leave home 20 minutes late from earlier plan that was supposed to be at punctual 6am (had a hard time to wake myself up prior to 2 hours of sleep upon arrival from Kuantan the night before, it was almost 1am actually and it was 330am the last time I check on the wall clock). I am lucky that I had my colleague with me and even though he might be lacking some sleep as well as we both arrive from Kuantan about the same time, still he needs to be a gentleman, just for today.  :) and for that, he has all the praise and appreciation from me.

Lumut for this particular morning appears to be very quiet, where everybody seems to kept themselves indoor not wanting to get wet under the pour of morning rain. The heavy pour, gives a grey background of the sea that's fronting Lumut town, witness from my car's window. Scouting for a spot to grab a quick breakfast turns out a little bit trickier that usual as we need to consider 'a quick running distance' from our car to the spot.

map of lumut from My Lumut

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunset upon arrival

I have to be in Kuantan today to coordinate a scheduled night-inspection of a particular project. Travelling an approximate 250km to the east of peninsular Malaysia via air can be accomplish in less than an hour, but on overall getting there by car could turn out as a speedy solution if you take into the consideration of those time that you have to spend getting yourself at the airport and being there an hour earlier if you got luggage to check-in, and wait-up for your luggage upon arrival and getting somebody to fetch you or hire a car to get you around Kuantan. However, it should be the only option if you are tied-up with tight schedule and you have to be in another place, that is 400km away early of the morning of your very next day. It will definitely allow you to save up some energy, and channel it to a better use. Well, life is not always easy!

Missing paris

Monochromatic skies of paris!! Miss it.

KLIA: Isolated time zone

The best way to enjoy your time at airport is to get yourself isolated from other people and get into your 'own world' !!

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Monday, September 24, 2012


Was a little bit down today and it was through series of you-tubing that become a 'lucky strike' when this melody popped out and simply got myself mesmerized with the vocal's soothing tone.. "..I think I might've inhale you.." leads me miles away..

Wake up look me in the eyes again 
I need to feel your hand upon my face 
Words can relay nice 
They can cut you open 
And the silence surrounds you 
and hunts you 
I think I might’ve inhale you 
I could feel you behind my eyes 
You gotten into my bloodstream 
I could feel you floating in me 
Words can relay nice 
They can cut you open 
And the silence surrounds you 
and hunts you 
I think I might’ve inhale you 
I could feel you behind my eyes 
You gotten into my bloodstream 
I could feel you floating in me 

The spaces in between 
Two minds and all the places they have been 
The spaces in between 
I tried to put my finger on it 
I tried to put my finger on it 
I think I might’ve inhale you 
I could feel you behind my eyes 
You gotten into my bloodstream 
I could feel you floating in me 
I think I might’ve inhale you 
I could feel you behind my eyes 
You gotten into my bloodstream 
I could feel you floating in me

Also, on acoustic version..

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taman Gelora of Kuantan: Seaview

Istagram photo
People would flock to Taman Gelora especially in the late afternoon to enjoy the breezy wind coming from South China Sea. Taman Gelora is a bay located in between Teluk Cempedak and Tanjung Lumpur, close to the opening of Pahang River to the sea. During the low tide, the sea water would expose the partly muddy beach of Taman Gelora where people could find cockles or clams. It is also best to bring the kite over and get it high over the sky. What takes me here, most of the time if I ever be in Kuantan, is just the opportunity to breathe-in fresh air and enjoy the open view. Of course there is also a delicious food at nearby stall which serves  'rojak ayam', which is a variety of fritters serves with chicken, salad and spicy peanut gravy.

Other than that, there is also a recreational park where people could jog on the jogging track provided under the shaded, tall pine tree and children could make use of the playground. However, based on my numerous visits, this park is lack of regular maintenance from the evident of dire-state-condition of  its public-open-sitting, and its open-drain were clogged with tree-leaves, and those tall-pine tree were not prune to shape and sticks of dead branches were laying around. With such potential, I find it disturbing that no immediate action were given to restore the park to its original condition.

Keropok Lekor :freshly made

I always frequent this particular 'cottage industry factory of keropok lekor' every time I'm in Kuantan.  It's located in Peramu-Tg. Lumpur and known as 'ghani black keropok lekor'. Compare to other keropok lekor that I've ever bought from other spot in Kuantan, this particular one has its big hits among my family members, so I guess, majority says it all! ;) I think the quality of the produce says it all; lots of fish and unlike some other produce, the fish paste wasn't grind too fine that loosen out the texture of fish in it. Basically, just the right combination of taste and texture. I usually ask the lady over the counter to pack 5 piece in a packet for easy storage as well as easy distribution among other family members. I can't actually tell how long it'll lasts before it expires as it usually doesn't sits more than two weeks inside my freezer!  :) However, I usually made a habit of buying the keropok towards the end of the afternoon so that it will not sit too long in the car as I would immediately drove back to Kuala Lumpur and within next 4 hours it's already well kept inside my freezer (of course you have to consider KL's traffic behaviour).

the 'expert' at work

new batch of fish-paste mixture that will go through the kneeding process

Keropok lekor is an afternoon snack made from fish paste and flour, shaped into sausage-like and upon being boiled it will be fry to crisp and serves with sweet chili sauce. It is usually hand made within a 'rustic cottage industry factory' and some times it could be made fresh from a neighbourhood kitchen.  Keropok lekor  is originated from East-cost countries of Malaysia where supply of fresh fish from South China Sea is abundant. A better version of keropok lekor always lies in its main ingredients that is the type of fish use and the ratio of fish paste to flour. Keropok Lekor is available through out Malaysia even in the west-coast.

Friday, September 14, 2012

kuantan at night

Captured the view from my room at second floor of Vistana Hotel Kuantan. The red light building on your left is MS Garden hotel, while the bluish light-up building on your right is the Zenith Hotel. Immediate roof top in front is the Seri Malaysia Hotel.
view from Vistana hotel

Pahang Sport School

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

should there be any specific reason for you to blog?

Personally, I think there should. Well, at least ONE.
Well, if you already have the thought of such "should I blog?" it means there should already be a reason for you to do so, because that particular reason (or reasons) will motivates you to write ( blog) or even, it will at least inspire you to do so.

In my case, I started blogging because, I'm so used to diaries, but keeping a diaries nowadays is quite troublesome especially the 'safety factor' of it. I would go insane towards the idea of losing my diaries! So, blogging is a safer way to 'write a diary' which at the same time already 'things of the past'.

At the first place, I write because most of the times it is tough for me to express myself, especially my inner feelings or my inner thoughts and ALSO writing my thoughts down, in a way will act as an 'anger management' as I would be able to express all my anger via writing and nobody get hurt through it and I got to express it out rather than sulk to myself (and believe me, you would always regret yourself later once you blurted out you anger..) So, that version of blog always being kept as personal rendering for my own view as similar as 'a diary' and would never be open to public and I'll definitely take the whole blog to grave with me.

After that, throughout the journey of my career years, I found a niche which inspire me to open up another blog and this time around to make it public as I believe that 'sharing is caring' and it actually act as reference to journey of life than I have taken. So, while am travelling to places due to work-related tasks which sometimes turn out to be quite remote and non-popular places, I find it has gotten to be a habit to write about those places. Perhaps it is unique from my point of view, so that others could get to know about it and that is how this 'travelogue of medzz' get started!  :)

Hope I don't bore you much with my ramblings as I may not be a good writer but I do hope I did show some kind of improvement from years of writing?! Did I? Anyway, you can read more from this site on why should you blog

Friday, September 7, 2012

Feeling the boredom

To this very minute, I'm seriously in huge admiration for my hubby's ever lasting determination of easing himself at each car maintenance service session, unlike the guy in this photo which share the close resemblance of the boredom state I am now. Oh dear, how will i survive the day for another 2-3 hours of waiting like this

New Project Site

This is part of the site for a potential project, I'm working on. On general basis, I think the site has all the potential and the best of all, a potential scenic view which lies beyond those trees ..

Rise and shine

Love this!! Starting your day of a beautiful morning, gives you such wonderful feeling..and you owe so much to your Creator for such blessed life that you have.

morning traffic of Kuala Lumpur

Completed my first task of the day and heading for next task, but it seems most of KL denizen still stuck in the morning congestion along jln kuching, and perhaps other part as well..all the best guys!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Singer in-da-house, yo!!

 Had my dinner in Kota Bharu at this particular restaurant, on my way to the airport and were all confused by the questions by its waiter about "how do you like your 'singer'?"
Blow me down, have no clue whatsoever what's 'singer' (it's definitely not a'singer' as somebody who could sing as we are ordering our drinks and food and we are not actually at any karaoke station).

It actually referred to 'lime juice'. So, the next time you in Kota Bharu, take note ya 'singer iced' would definitely means 'iced lime juice'!!  :)


Another round of 'grilled fish' for breakfast, Besut style!! 

Uplifted image for Kota Bharu Airport, NOT?

Actually, (as shown by the photo above) I was just referring to the Departure lounge's washroom. The rest of the area for this airport still remain intact without any changes whatsoever like a year ago (but still, Kota Bharu's Airport ergonomic and spatial organisation stands out better in comparison to Kuantan's!) The washroom appear to be in better condition (thanks to the refurbishment of its interior, that is) compare to the last I time I was here which is in October 2011, but I still have a problem with the size of its cubicle which is not design to be 'traveler-friendly'!

Imagine, if you are traveling on your own (without any single soul accompanying), where do you think would you stuck your hand luggage (okay let me be fair - your laptop back-pack for instance)?? There aren't any particular space within the cubicle for you to stash your back-pack without getting it all wet. Those hooks behind the door were not sufficient in terms of size or weight-durability for you to hook your back-pack on. So, what choice do you have?? You can't leave your bag laying around unattended, can't you? So despite having all the glitters for its walls and its new set of basin bowls, it still lack of practicality!! It's a self-reminded for me NOT TO DESIGN as such.

Debouchment into South China Sea

I actually missed the shot. The entire debouchure actually looks far more interesting that this partial shot. So, if you want to take a look with you own eyes, get your butt off to Kota Bharu via air and enjoy the view and that's South China Sea beyond you.