Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Putrajaya during Ramadhan

Putrajaya is the new center of administration for Federal Administration. I have to admit that it has been beautifully design, however it's lacking of public accessibility. If you were to go to any of the Department/Ministry Offices located here, you have to be ready to walk a kilometer away from where you park-provided you get a spot to park your car. So, if you were in heels like I normally do (well, I have to look presentably good because, I usually here for a task), be prepared with a bottle of yoko-yoko in your car-you may need to apply it on your legs once your appointments/meetings are over..

But, having to go through all this when you are fasting - it's so torturous!! to add on to that, it's 5 in the evening where I've should already be at home, cooking up meals for iftar!! Well, a day of an architect's life!!

the main administrative building in Putrajaya