Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kuantan River at its berth

Wakes to the rise..

Setting off at dusk..

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sungai Lembing: appearance vs preserverance

During my previous trip, Sungai Lembing was a close description of what a sleepy town should appear to be, but during this very trip, I think it has embark itself to a better place to be. Perhaps it wasn't any close to its glory days but a copper always need a good polish to shine at its best, and it should be a continuous effort.

Sungai Lembing: it ain't any kind of tin

You simply has to come over to Sungai Lembing Museum and experience it yourself. It has now opened up a new segment where you can venture into the mine tunnel. This photos are just teasers..

One of those quarry tunnels..

Kuantan: 3days2night

It hit our freaking-bored nerve when we have to search a place to stay in Kuantan. As a frequent visitor, we have tried almost all the main-stream hotel, Hyatt, Zenith, Vistana and have been repeating these hotels for most of yhe visits.

This time around for a 3days2night trip, we decided to run a new adventure, why not try another range of hotels, perhaps those 3-star or the budget boutique hotel. Upon browsing the net and narrowing down our selection of choice, we even got ambitious by deciding to stay at 2different hotel on each day; we chose Hotel Sentral Kuantan for the first day, and Hotel Megaview for the next. Both located along Jalan Besar Kuantan.

Hotel Sentral Kuantan
Booking via phone is at ease, you can always call them at +609-5659999 for your booking. The lobby is spacious in terms of its layout planning with minimal decor and furnishing. Their theme color of mass creamy white and hints of red were brilliantly use without overwhelming the space. Registration/reception is of simple functional design and I think with the ease flow of the 3 staff behind it are working on, it must be practically designed for.
Our room was at Mezzanine floor. Was a bit sceptical since never before we had rooms at mezzanine floor. Of course we were already informed earlier during the booking that they only had rooms without view left, so our room definitely doesn't have any view outside of it. But for RM148 nett, the room fulfill our expectation satisfactorily. Design concept and its layout is neat with ample circulation. Most importantly it is clean without any mold or dark stain. The bathroom however was a little bit tight in terms of circulation, perhaps due to the size of the room, but all fittings are in good working condition.
The room comes with complimentary breakfast but we didn't try it though as we are anticipating another gastronomic adverture for local food, so we hardly can't comment on that. The coffee house is located on the ground floor next to the lobby and at a glance, it looks quite presentable. So, it's you to find out and to rate the quality of food serves here.

Next, we are off for our next escapade...this time around we choose
Hotel Kuantan Megaview

Friday, June 28, 2013

...and smog shoved off!!

A brighter day, a bluer sky, a sharper line, a clearer visibility and most importantly, A BETTER breathable air!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fancy a Shipyard?

Fancy having such cruise being park in front of your office? It ain't everyday phenomenon for us but for these folks in Lumut, it's just an ordinary day!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Note of travel

My 'travel' nowadays has been frequent with less free time in between. Sometimes when travelling, I do welcome those 'waiting time in between' as I could always spend some 'me time' doing what I enjoy doing-'people watch'! It's interesting how interesting each individuals are..and yet how similar they could turn to be..
These are memoirs of my ride on Komuter heading for Bangi on 28th March 2013..

Two boys maybe in their early teens sharing and taking turns on a playstation, but it is interesting to note how 'comot' their clothes are. Ahh..boys will be boys
An elder brother remain standing allowing his mother and 2younger siblings remain seated,
KTM officers making their round,
A mother and her daughter were caught by surprise that they actually embark a tren that actually going the different route,
A girl getting all smiles reading her text messages
2 girls chatting while standing in front of the door
Lots of Interesting handbags design even if it is not those branded ones
An elder sister and her younger sister with different school uniform get off in Kajang
Some are seating staring aimlessly beyond the window
Some are taking their nap, a lady seems to be deep in her sleep with a comfortable shawl covering her
Some like me, either texting or writing a memoirs, this is part of my journey onboard of the tren this afternoon heading for Bangi,
The crowd load off most in kajang station

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GCE undercover

Moon vs Sun

Thursday, June 13, 2013

5minutes of anxiety?

I must've been over reacting, overly panic, anxiously worrying too much.. 5mins of a slot!!! And that's all for 4hr journey and 3hrs worth of sleep? Owh..need to add on another 4hrs of journey going home..

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wading weeds

Being an architect isn't always about dress to the nine looking good for presentation, some of the time we have to braze through certain obstacle while visiting the project site. This time, I could be consider lucky that the obstacle was just a wading some thick weeds.

Saturday, June 8, 2013




Murtabak Mengkasar

Pekan, is the Royal Town of Pahang, and so the history goes. The town always being associated with royal activities, the polo spot and of course this particular dish, Murtabak Mengkasar. In Malaysia, you can find 'murtabak' at almost every nooks and cranny and it would depends on one's preference on how the wish their murtabak is. My selection is, the murtabak should have lots of minced meat, with smaller portion of diced onion and balanced well with herbs and spices, of course wrapped thinly with 'roti canai-like' wrap. I would say, murtabak is like a lasagna minus the bechamel sauce and it's grilled not baked.

Royal Museum of Pekan

The Royal Museum of Pekan has recently being refurbished where most of its dilipidated parts within the building received treatment while retaining its original architecture. However the whole exhibit is still incomplete with most of the display missing its caption and narration. Should give it a little bit more time to complete its function and it's worth another visit. Love the new sculpture that being incorporated within their landscape compound - a very unique creations. 
You can get more information of Pekan and Pahang in general from the Pahang Tourism website.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pileus with cumulonimbus

I spotted a huge formation of dark grey cumulonimbus on the opposite of Cherating clear-blue skyline and it soon developed a fleet of 'pileus' on its summit. Pileus has the smooth beret-look that appears momentarily due to stable airstream that rises above the cumulonimbus. Moment later it develop an interesting iridescent effect as the cumulus evolve..

Cherating beach

Adoring the serene landscape of Cherating Beach opening wide to the South China Sea, with blue skies and wispy cirrus as its backdrop..

beach chair, by your self reading a book opening up to vast sea-scape.. got the picture?

view from our room at 730am

view from our room around 12 noon

Impiana Cherating: its nooks and cranny

A quick get-away to de-stress..
We chose Impiana Cherating simply because I've been there 15 years ago with my parents and I just wanted to bring my family to enjoy the place as well..
Impiana Cherating: its nooks and cranny Create via InstaFrame

Zenith Kuantan from East-Coast plateau

I was on the top plateau of East-Coast Mall. Capturing the currently, tallest building in Kuantan for a record-keeping.  :)

Contrail sparks

At the crack of dawn, the sun rises..

I was on my way towards east-coast of peninsular, when spots of vermilion scatter upon the cirrus clouds as though making announcement of the rising sun..

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flying porch

The one and only 'flying porch', only in Cheras. It should have now become the landmark of Cheras.