Monday, June 25, 2012

Contrails meets Luna: It's my favourite objects in the sky

I love the sight of those contrails and for this particular photo, it consist another favourite subject of mine -the moon or our Miss Luna  ;)
For quick info: those whitish thin-sort-of-lines that appears on the sky is actually a condensation trails by planes (which gives the terms 'contrails'). There are NOT smoke from the engines but it is the result when the heat from the engine/or the exhaust of the plane mixed with the cold air form being at certain level of latitude (it is much a colder temperature at higher latitude which explains why Everest always tops with ice all the year round). In short, that's condensation. Also, for more details could even read from this page here

Fly like a bird

I don't have any telephoto lens camera with me, but looking up with own pair of eyes, there is this tiny bird flying freely (the tiny black dot)

Early drive through blurry horizon

I did another early drive but today, the journey won't be crossing from west to east of the peninsula, just making it short by turning into Karak which is about 100km away from Kuala Lumpur city centre. The morning horizon wasn't as crisp as it usually was but thick particle of smokey debris floating in the air which causing the horizon to appear blurry. And the temperature doesn't show the usual 23deg celcius but 27 which is rather warm for 7am journey. What would the temperature like at noon for the day??

Sunday, June 24, 2012

dramatic cumulus of the day!

Very dramatic formation of the cumulus! A very thick wispy cumulus that gives such a contrast to the blue hue of the sky. Caught my eye and love the composition.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooling popsicle

It is so HOT this afternoon; it's blaring 39deg Celsius out there even though I'm trying to get the internal compartment inside my car to cool down as low as 20, but still you could feel the heat!! And this lime popsicles is what I had in mind-to cool down!! grab yours at nearest 7-11 ya!! slurrpp

Monday, June 18, 2012

Jakarta-architecture at a quick-pace

Driving through Jakarta on work days could be a nightmare, luckily it went smoothly for us that particular morning. Well, it's a smooth-ride for Jakarta standard of traffic flow which notably known for its horrific traffic congestion, so don't get to impressed of it. tsk tsk!  These photos might be just a few of interesting architecture landmark that I could snap on the go. Perhaps I would need another shot touring Jakarta on its own just to have a feel of how living in a heavy populated city feels like and experience its architecture.

this would be one of Jakarta notable landmark

there seems to be numbers of skyscrapers facing the  landmark roundabout

simple building there is

Thamrin City - the shopping complex

I wonder what's the detailing behind those glass wall

It's okay to spot such traditional emphasize on buildings here as it's part of their tropical architecture

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

There ain't much of an airport feeling at this particular airport. Perhaps I was exposed to a more modern KL International Airport or the Changi Airport or the Zurich Airport, so having to walk through this particular terminal gives such impression of a museum rather than an airport.  :)

the international arrival corridor

the international departure waiting lounge

KLM counter 

Jupiter in Bandung

Wakes up at dawn to this magnificent view and the temperature must be around 18deg cels or so. Those twinkling small dots are the crescent moon and Jupiter!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Resort style dining @Kg Daun

Awesome!! We simply love this place. Its ambience, its architecture, its surrounding... simply awesome. You got to come here if you go to Bandung. I mean it's THE PLACE to loose down from all the tense you get through those shopping spree.. and believe me this place really have all the potential to wind you down!! 

You could dine (food are all scrumptious, but please don't go for all those western food, not their expertise I would say) while listening to the sound of water flowing, while being immersed in resort style diners. For all those, you wouldn't mind paying a little bit extra for the food!

waiting area

the registration counter

entrance to the main dining area

Street life of Bandung

(more to come....)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Resort Style Shopping @Rumah Mode

This particular shopping place is famously known as Rumah Mode. It is just a single storey establishment of groups of bungalow size building with a mixture of colonial-balinese architecture which actually creating a resort-style ambience for the shopping centre. 

the courtyard

the sculpture at entrance

Padang cuisine

I'm not a big fan of rice, eventhough it's a staple food in Asia   (I mean I could live without rice for quite sometime and not making a big fuss over it). However, while we are in Bandung, there is always rice in the menu, be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner even tea time! Luckily it was all good  :)

Rumah Makan Sederhana in Bandung

the group about to 'dive-in' into those scrumptious Minang Food

it must be good, eh??

Pasar Baru Trade Centre Bandung

No doubt that this place, which is known as Pasar Baru is offering goods especially textile at a very competitive low price in comparison to Malaysian's rate. However, I don't quite feel the excitement of such for the fact that you have to go through sea of people to get through this place from one shop to another, and with such crowd, low price offer doesn't thrill me anymore.

Experiencing Casa D' Ladera Bandung

Architecturally, Casa D' Ladera gives such good impression to us, and on the whole it wasn't any disappointment either. We haven't had much time to explore the resort which resulted with not much of a complain to do. Oh except, I wish they could provide more pillows per room instead of just basic two for a king bed !! :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Traffic congestion-Jakarta style

Google Map indicates the Jakarta-Bandung journey would only takes 1hr 29mins. However, it took us more than 2 hours just to leave Jakarta city centre and into the hiway that would lead us to Bandung, and at 22:29pm  we were just barely 1/3 of the journey. And to what seems to be an 1 hr later, we still got 1/3 of the journey to reach Bandung. We finally reach our hotel at 1.30am Bandung time. Owh , just so you know, we arrived in Jakarta at 630pm (KLM was fast - it took only 1hr 40mins from KLIA to Jakarta)

these are among those jams!! the idling allow street people to make a quick sales from car to car and they are selling everything that you could think off

the journey - 1 of 3

the journey - 2 of 3


KLIA International Departure with its modern architecture and detailings.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trying to understand green

Am attending a seminar on 'green building index-30storey building constructed in 15days'
The facts have impressed me, so far..

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

Breakfast today

For RM7.90 you get 2 slice of toast, 2 half-boiled egg, a plate of nasi lemak and a cup of coffee. It's considered as cheap for Taipan Subang Jaya's standard rate since the meal could sufficiently fit for 2person and by just spending that much, which is actually half of the usual breakfast cost. ;)

'Wau bulan' of the nation

This is how close I was to the emblem of Malaysian Airline System, simply by waiting to get through the plane entry door.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

South China Sea vista from the 18th floor

I had this vista of the South China Sea and part of Kuantan town from the 18th floor of Zenith Hotel ;)

Last Transit of Venus in 21st Century

In Asia, the transit of Venus will be taking place sometime during the daylight hours on Wednesday, June 6 (somewhere between 9am to 12 noon). During a transit of Venus, Venus shows itself as a small, dark dot in front of the solar disk. Venus, the second planet from the sun, goes in between the sun and Earth in its orbit five times every eight years. Most of the time, however, Venus doesn’t go directly in front of the sun, but rather swings above it or below it. But on June 5-6, 2012, Venus directly crosses the sun’s disk for almost seven hours.


Current Travel Compatriot

Not your BAG, ok!! It's my current travel companion/compatriot or call it whatever you would, still it will tag with me along the journey till the day it worn out! ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Do you have any ideas what those cubes are?? Will you believe me if I said it's actually piles of sponge cubes? It was meant as a cushion for gymnast to train their routine and this photo was taken during my visit to the National Gymnasium in Bukit Jalil. Huge hall!! ;)