Monday, December 31, 2012

New high rise in PJ

 It's known as H.M Shah Tower.

Monday, December 24, 2012


It's the afternoon for Christmas worldwide. I don't celebrate it but I could still feel the celebration mood out there and decided to take a leave away from work as well.  :)
So, I've been spending my afternoon with the kids leisurely in front of tv munching these kuaci. Bliss.
handful of kuaci seed

Moody weather all over the world

I just watched the weather report on tv, and it shows that it's been raining at most cities all over the world except for a few in Arab countries and suburb of China. In fact, gloomy cumulus has been hovering over my places since morning. I have also received news from a friend in Kuantan that the city has been hit by flood due to non-stop rain since yesterday's evening. I sure hope things would be better.

Flood has rises up in Kuantan by afternoon today

Gloomy culumbus

Cova Square

Friday, December 21, 2012

Architecture Detail: glass skylight


At 12:30 am in my car, driving through Friday's traffic congestion trying to get myself out from the city centre to another appointment at 2pm. Nothing to be proud of on being busy.

Public Washroom @Suria KLCC

It's been awhile since the last time I set foot at Suria KLCC. So this time around, I received a mild shocked for the fact that I'm being charged a mere bomb of Ringgit Malaysia 2.00 (RM2) upon entering the 'public washroom' at Level 1 of Suria KLCC. RM2 is equivalent to 0.50 Euro or 0.65 USD and for Malaysian standard that amount can get you 2 piece of 'roti canai', or a french bread. However, since I'm in a 'rush' and it's already takes me some time to search for the washroom, so I have no other choice other than pay it up with a very civilised manner and get done with my business. I have to say besides the cleaning-lady, it's a bit deserted - I'm the only one patronising within the washroom being made of 5 or 6 cubicles. I would say, the bonus part of having to pay such bomb, is that you have a sparkling clean washroom with pleasant scent. But I still think RM0.50 is more reasonable charge (it's only 0.50Euro for a public washroom in Amsterdam! and they still charge a 4.50Euro for kebab roll in comparison to RM4.50 kebab roll in Malaysia).
Anyway, that's THAT and the next time you feel like going to the washroom in KLCC, planned your timing as I've been told later that there's no charges for washroom on upper floors unless you really into TOTAL Privacy!!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Improved working space

Nothing interesting about this particular space. It's just that I have managed to clear out loads of 'I-dunno-whether-I'll-be-needing it-again documents/materials' from my desk, so it leaves me with a more comfortable  working space, but still I'd be needing a totally separate drawing board!  :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Architecture Details: Serene Lawn

I found this pics in one of the book that am currently reading on 'sustainable architecture'. The serenity simply attract me to it.

Nasi Lemak Opah USJ9

New found eatery in USJ9 Subang Jaya. I was recommended to this cafe which serves piping hot aromatic 'nasi lemak' , wrapped in banana leaves, just for RM1.00 for each pack. Warning! the que could be long so you should be prepare to get into the lines, and depending on the order of people in front of you, it may or it may not takes awhile to get to the 'collection station'. Over here, you get yourselves in front of the 'collection station' where the freshly packed nasi lemak were placed on the counter for you to pick based on the required number your tummy wish to savour. I usually takes two at one go. The next step would be optional, either you wish to add certain side dishes of your liking (as seen in these big pots; from sambal sotong, sambal udang petai, rendang ayam, ayam goreng, etc etc..believe me the list goes on..) or you can move direct to the cashier, pay your nasi lemak and then go and look for a spot for you to dig into your nasi lemak. Droool!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

[ENG] Play!FT Island Concert | First Kiss

What a beautiful day

After a few days of cloudy skies in the morning which end up with such thunderstorm in the evening, we are being blessed today for a brilliant clear blue sky!

Thursday, December 6, 2012