Sunday, January 30, 2011

Non Stop drizzle for the past 36hrs

It's raining when I woke up on Sunday morning. Everybody else in the house was like squirming under the blankets in front of tv. It's nice to cuddle in between and enjoy the cartoons with the children during such pleasant lovely morning. It is still raining in the afternoon, which means no laundry for the day..

It is still raining when I woke up after a quick nap in the afternoon. The weather was still pleasantly cool..and it makes you feel so attached to your blanket and not willing to let it go!  ;)

The rain didn't spare the night either, it keep on drizzling which makes you blog at ease sitting next to the opened window, catching on the glimpse of rain drops from the nearest roadside lamp..while sipping a mug of hot cocoa!! bliss..

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bandar Bukit Mahkota

Bandar Bukit Mahkota is actually a strategic mix-development located in between Bangi and Nilai which can be access from KL-Seremban Highway (If you are heading South, it would be the immediate exit after Bangi and if you are from South, it'd just be after KLIA exit), or the Elite Highway if you are from northern area (which you have to choose the route leading back to KL direction) or via federal road from Bangi.

We would usually be going there over the weekend(s)...just for family-get-together thing!

p.s. I would be filling in more information of this place from time to time whenever I have a free time to update my journal.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Living Away: Vistana

Pick of the day..

bathroom counter top

wardrobe combine with coffee making facilities

hallway of level 2

deluxe room

study and tv

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An early start for roadrunner

Ouch!! I wakes up with high hope that everything would turn out well for today's briefing session (I doze-off in front of my lappy while sprucing up more details into my presentation slides - gosh!!) So, it'll be a really early start for me this morning...and it's a chill morning!
who'd to blame if you fall asleep in front of your laptop on these fluffy bed and pillows at the end of your tiresome 900km journey - the pillows?? hehe

p.s. the shown photo taken of my accommodation in Vistana-Kuantan, the room rate is moderate (if you are comparing it with Hyatt Kuantan, of course). On top of that, being the 4th time here due to the fact that I like the size of the room, which is not too big (as MSGarden Kuantan) and for each time I have yet to sample any musky smell-left-over pillows (unlike my personal experience in Seri Malaysia) and also, the bathroom was usually CLEAN!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

900 kilometeres of journey in a day

I wasn't in the mood to snap photos anymore this evening, but this what I've got which showing how strong the wind of east-coast side of the country and I weren't actually following the coastal road this time around - was passing through the internal state route, the stretch known as Jabor-Jerangau via Jerteh exit straight from Besut. We actually passing through the country side of Terengganu-Pahang route... exhausted! It feels like ages to get through the entire stretch of road, with mostly palm plantation on left and right of the road... it feels like I've been sitting in the car for a thousand miles journey!

When you are so tired, nothing beats more than the urgency to lay on your back on a thick fluffy bed and pillows..I'm so eager to get to Kuantan and put the whole traveling to a stop. It was already past 7 and skies are getting dark when I reach Kuantan. With just lunch at noon, no dinner could beats the needs of thick fluffy bed and pillows.. am so damn exhausted!!

Look at those sweeping palms blown by strong wind coming from South China Sea

Airborne 745am

The morning scenery from the morning flight to Kuala Terengganu - clouds and more clouds! I can't even sees the Lake Kenyir below...

if you could see, the Lake Kenyir would be in between the crack of the clouds

Interesting Aviation Info

I didn't know that these figures actually mean something in aviation..  ;)
it only make sense when the tip of the wings elevate at certain degree in comparison to those units of degree.

Packing my way to Terengganu

I hate it went everything that has been programmed and scheduled need another round of re-scheduling which means I need to reschedule my flight, buy another ticket, book a room, add on more files in my bags!! And on top of that, I hate it when I can't get myself to sleep the night before any journey away from home! It's 1am and I'm still wide awake, haven't complete packing-up my travel bag and I have to make sure I can wakes up at 5am!! Good luck, Medzz..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Have you lost Tambun?

Here I am for another weekend of the month in my hometown of Ipoh and I hope I could spend some time updating my journal..

While driving past the directional signboard, it trigger a thought - hey, Tambun has now been commercialized and it has actually lost its name - which now more famously known as Sunway City. Perhaps, rhetorically it will soon banish as  it is now known for the 'Lost World of Tambun'.. time would tell.

Tambun has now been commercialized ..

ever changing decorations..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Final trip to Benta?

Driving my way through the morning mist, hoping this would be my last visit to Benta as I can't imagine visiting this town without any sane reasons.. This tiny town of which occupies 500meter radius from its town center basically stands for a very basic living of rural people, with laid-back lifestyle and nothing-to-rush-for activities.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

crescent no more

How I wish I could have a better camera at this very moment!! this is what I can capture with my auto-olympus  ;P
the full moon on the eve of 18th January 2011!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

yet another birthday..

I'm not a big fan of birthday celebration especially mine, so today as similar as any other year, it would only be a transition of figures, where the numbers would change.. and the whole world still moves on..but it felt special when your love ones acknowledge the day as a special day to them and we spend some time doing things together !!  :)

A visit to regular paediatrician

Visiting our regular paediatrician in Subang Jaya wasn't part of my birthday celebration. Who would have plan two things together in their clear state of mind - this is the sort of issues which usually beyond prediction. Anyway, this is not our first visit here but previously, I have never become interested in the whole layout of a medical center, which explain the reasons of the layout here. I'm taking an interest to study how well-planned each medical center turn out to be... It's part of the learning process!  ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happines equals to butterfly?

is like butterfly - the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder. :)

p.s. thanx Zie, for the beautiful translation

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A day-trip to Lumut

It's been awhile since the last time I went to Lumut (that was mid of 2009!). Leaving Subang Jaya at 10:30am, I tap into Elite and choosing the Guthrie Hiway by Shah Alam exit over continuous NKVE (you know, Damansara-Sg.Buloh-Rawang route) upon believing this would be a faster option ..hehe. Through this route, I would tap into NKVE via Rawang Selatan and drive all the way North before choosing to exit via Bidor . Again, I believe it would be shorter route if time is an essence to you. Of course you may opt for the federal road via coastal Kuala Selangor route if you are coming from Shah Alam or Sg.Buloh - it would be a toll-free route and you would have the country view, but as I did before, it would not help you much if time is an essence to you (bear in mind of those numerous traffic lights, and 'slow-coaches' and traffic-hoggers and of course you would want to enjoy the scenery)

Anyway, the road was not as bad as it was in 2008, so the journey was quite okay and I manage to reach Manjung around 2pm. Found a good spot for lunch - the stall is nearby the entrance junction to Teluk Batik and it serves variations of authentic Malay dishes - which I hardly able to find in KL. Also it serves a huge variations of plain salad (ulam-ulaman) NICE!!

Overall, there has been new development here and there, both in Manjung as well in Lumut. A good sign of good economy booms for the locals. Of course there are more building housing the birds everywhere - an industry of 'bird's nest' production rather than housing for us-human!

the Lumut Jetty (this ain't mine!)
The Lumut Project  would be the first project I ever completed as a Project Architect. I would regard it as a personal accomplishment even though I was not involved in the preliminary design stage of it, but I take full pride of adhering the whole process from tender to completion. Today, would be the final day before we-the Architect, release the full responsibility to the Client. It's their baby now - in fact after 3 full years, it's actually their grown up toddler. Inspection went smooth, with minor defect to rectify so we end up the day with tea-session by the Lumut Jetty.

I left Lumut around 5pm and went for another tea-session with 'old-fren' in Manjung. Finally make the move back to KL about 6:30pm. Another 'pit-stop' for dinner - which actually were not plan for but wanted to try the famous Nasi Kandar of Gulam Rasul in Teluk Intan (err..for my taste - I won't go for second). Anyway, reach home around 10:30pm.. e x h a u s t e d!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Breakfast variations in Kelana Jaya

Subang Suria is the name of restaurant which we frequently visit during weekends if everybody was having a different menu in mind for breakfast.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Roadrunner coming home..

The visit and presentation went smooth...too drained-out, and so glad that I can finally be heading for home...

The weather has been gloomy since yesterday and it's still the same today..

the stretch after Gambang exit

Pit-stop at Temerloh R&R

the swirling clouds

traffic at 7pm - beyond Duta stretch

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life as a 'roadrunner;

I hate last minute pile-up of meetings - it mess up my life, but it's the chosen path which means I have to bear with it, no matter what. Blessing from love ones did raise you up when you are feeling low!

As usual, I would be on the move early in the morning - well, I think it's not really a big fuss if you were to compare with primary school children whom also would be traveling at the same hour like myself, but for a 9 to 6 people, this is early!

Anyway, it was a wet morning and it's drizzling through out the entire journey - reach Kuantan in record time of 3hrs drive due to the wet weather ( it was usually a 2 hrs drive ) The whole time, the car screen was showing a 23deg celcius - cool!!

It was still drizzling even later in the afternoon, which left me with no option rather than to get through with it. The scenery in Gambang-breathtaking! it help me to loose the tense of getting the presentation completed for tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Through and forth KL-Besut

I was on the earliest flight from Subang Airport to Kuala Terengganu, luckily the weather upon departure was clear which enable me to capture the morning sun creeping through the skies saying hello to the world! But there's a heavy, dark cloud at the landing horizon - scares me out a bit and luckily it was just a light rain upon landing in Kuala Terengganu.  The weather was kept being gloomy entire day.

On my way to Besut, driving through the coastal road I could see the South China Sea leashing on its wave to the coast line-the water was murky, and I think any person in their clear state of mind would not risk it for the sake of having fun on the beach - totally NOT! And for some rivers, the water has risen up. Anyway, meeting was fast and managed to get back to airport on time to catch my return flight which would be landing in KLIA instead of Subang (long story - due to change of itinerary) and on top of that - back to office!! road-runner going for a mad-rush...

breathtaking sunrise

look at those clouds!!

it's started to rain..

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Day at work in New Year!!

I guess this is not the kind of day to start your New Year, perhaps it's a sign of how my career would be throughout this brand new year. Of course, I'm not getting myself a new job or swap current position, but it is not the kind of first day at work of the year that I anticipated it would be - I prefer a more organise start rather than chaos. It's chaos alright having to rush to the office early in the morning just to get some documents printed out for the meeting (just because I was caught off guard unprepared due to sudden public holiday being declared for previous Friday 31st - yeah, I know, I know - I'm supposed to get it done before that Friday but my schedule were tight!!)
Anyway, was rushing off to reach the venue of meeting  at the other end of Subang Jaya, luckily the road was kind of 'clear' as of 10am, I guess most of people are still on their days-off to send their children to school, so I manage to reach Ampang in-time!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day of School

First Day of School - that's what my princess keep on repeating for the past few days! She's all excited to get back to her kindergarten, with brand new bag and stationery, shoes and uniform.. and I have no problem of needing to accompany her - she's clearly make herself at home when she reach the school gate!!  And my inspirational elder prince was his cool self as well! I'm glad they both love to go to school!!

So, for today, I'm basically their personal driver, chaperoning them to schools... how excited!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a brand new year!!

I guess it's quite a way to end 2010;
be it, the much-talk-about of AAF League - I can't believe that I was among those whom stuck their face in front of the TV for the final..ha ha
and the public holiday on 31 December where it leaves everybody going short of one day without warning, one final day in 2010 goes simply as vacation, leisure where nothing could be done much except idling, leisure ... perhaps there are people whom really awaits for such holiday... WHATEVER!!

Anyway, I do hope and I pray that I would be capable of not doing the same mistakes that I have done throughout 2010 - be whatever it is, and I do pray for a better success in 2011, amin..!!
I know it's kind of out-dated to wish you guys so after 4 days into the new year, heck, I got so many things to do, but, Happy New Year Everyone!!