Thursday, August 14, 2008

Enjoy your weekend in Perdana Lake Park

Bring along your children, where you can enjoy the 'fresh air' from all the greens within the city..walking by the lake... that would bring out the sweat in you..then have a picnic while cooling down. Bliss...

The lone town of Benta

Benta: is actually a very small town north of Raub just 60km before you reach Lipis...the first impression given by my colleague was - its the sort of lone-communist-town! Imagine that!! Its first landmark upon turning left after the signboard of Benta, from the main trunk road is Shell petrol station on your left (going straight would lead you toKuala Lipis). Oh, the toilet facilities at the Shell Station here would be rated 4 of 5 for its cleanliness compare to any petrol station that you can find in KL) and further a few metres drive would be the Police Station on your right and immediately after that is just couple of rows of shops, community hall and a Masjid. There's no distinct architectural feature in this town, most of the shops either the basic 2 storey of 80's design or made of timber construction.

The town was subdivide by a river between the town and further community village (I'm not sure wheter it's Jelai River of ther Lipis River). If you drive further up of few meters (meters okay not kilometers here) where you could see the Petronas petrol station on your left, it means you already reach the trunk road that would lead you to Lipis - again. So, Benta is basically just that!! So, it's not a tough exercise for you to imagine how Benta looks like, eh? I promise, I snap some photos the next time I be there..