Sunday, May 29, 2011

Test-run the rail: Part 2

Come to think of it, we never planned this 'test-run the rail' as part of the escapade for the whole family to venture in during weekends, but we did and I guess the ride of ETS would our Part 1 escapade?!  ;)

Anyway, we didn't have anything specific in mind of how to spend this weekend but we felt that we owe it to the children-too much time for work and less-time spend on them during weekdays. So, we decided to take them for a ride, of course our initial thought was 'the whole rail system' but unfortunately we managed to cover only one as the day's temperature was getting unbearable to jump from one rail to another ( the rail system in Kuala Lumpur was seriously not efficient giving the fact that it does not integrate closely to one another, for instance we have to walk more than 500meter under the sun to get from KL Sentral to KL Monorail and we are not talking about the heat of summer in Paris but this is Kuala Lumpur plus having to drag 5 year old child for that distance is not a good idea giving the fact that they will turn grumpy by the end of the hour!!)

So, from our breakfast spot in Kelana Jaya (it was brunch actually), we drive on to KLCC and we chose to park our car at an open car park next to Hotel Maya opposite BSN Bank and it cost us only RM3.50 per entry. Then, we walk our way to KLCC LRT Station, of course we chose to walk through inside KLCC rather than using the pedestrian path along Jalan Ampang.

We bought the ticket from the ticket machine and it was easy to use and it cost RM1.60 per journey from KLCC to KL Sentralflat rate for adult/children above 6. At first we did anticipate to ride on the KL Monorail but the walking distance to the station (which is way in Brickfields and not within the KL Sentral compound) has put us off. For a second we did thought of riding on the 'hop-in, hop-off' shuttle service but since it was already 3pm so spending RM19 per person for the trip was deem rather non-economical thing to do. Preferably it should be done early in the morning so we could enjoy the journey better and it would be value for money. So we decide to  head back to KLCC and spent the rest of the evening there..

By the time we decided to leave it was already 30 minutes after 5 and we head for Wadi Hadramawt in Jalan Ampang for our early dinner since we didn't go for proper lunch during the whole escapade around the city. The arabic meal was good, i guess everyone was there on empty stomach so less complain for the food..

We wrap-up the day escapade with final tour around the city.. from Jalan Ampang into Kampung Baru then head back into Jalan Sultan Ismail then into Jalan Raja Chulan, driving along the new refurbish Puduraya then pass-by Victoria Institution then heading for Jalan Duta before entering NKVE...