Monday, April 30, 2012


I am simply being 'static' at my office for the past couple of weeks. Not much movements were made except for the travelling  back and forth from home to the office at odd hours. Have quite a number of datelines before the month's ends, so everybody were quite tense up with so much to do, within a tight time-frame, and getting barely enough sleep. Sleep could be such a luxury to spend at times like this. SO, hopefully we could have a better, quality life when April leaves us in just a few minutes to go.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

History of Art

I think I understand the chronology of art movement better with this comic.  :)
Eventhough the Art Nouveau represent an interesting usage of eclectic details and colours, but I think by the end of the day I would surely chose Minimalism. Simple as that!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I wish our Libraries would look more like this

While browsing ArchDaily, I came across this particular photo which excites me "how I wish our public libraries could look like this". Most of Malaysian public library have such a monotonous color scheme from the 'favourite' beige scheme and were filled with rows of metal shelves. Adding to that was a non-interesting, lack of maintenance reading area which I reckon a major contributing factor to the lack of interest among malaysian to instill a good habit of reading.

This is a self-reminder that, shall I get the opportunity to produce a design of a library, it should be either as interesting as shown in this photo or much better and it should not come close to any of those existing, pale, deserted libraries!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

emotional distance

waking up to an emotional 'distance'.. missing the cold weather  :\
the melody of this particular song simply portray a sort of  'distance' and I was taken deep into its journey, amid  the fact not able to understand the language. Give it a try..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Half circle rainbow

Love the sight of the rainbow. It's a rare sight to have full half circle rainbow appears in front of your eyes. Of course this photo is not a fair  preview of actual scene given the fact that I'm moving fast in my car (no, I did not drive while snapping this photo) and I can't zoom out my lens any further to enable me to capture the whole half-circle) but I love it anyway. Just sharing it with you! ;)

Blaring sunset on wet evening

Blaring! the sun seems like 'glaring away' on the onlookers like me while setting its path on the west. It was a wet evening, with rain still drizzling bits by bits. So the heat kind of giving the contrast to the cool atmosphere. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Architecture Meltdown vs I Love Architecture

credit to Megan Jett via Archdaily
Was reading this article and being too deep in the profession, I tend to agree with the whole thing said. Among it "There’s a reason why non-architects are so much more enamored with the profession of architecture than many architects are. For the layman, the architect is half idealist-half realist, an intellectual that pulls his creations from the ether down to the ground with steel, glass, and wood. He thinks, yes, but more importantly, he creates. 
Now, to reality. Most architects, in the process of becoming architects, have become disillusioned and cranky. If they have a job (nowhere near a given in this economy), they’re worker drones, and they’re tired: of being over-used and under-paid, of being un-acknowledged for their efforts and beaten up for their mistakes. To be frank, they’re working like dogs, but not creating much at all."

read on..

Friday, April 13, 2012

Eastcoast hiway: morning fog

It was the time of the year again.  The fog aren't always here every morning, eventhough the highway is sandwiched between thick jungle on both sides, so I noticed. It just happens at particular time of the year where the temperature were right enough.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Orang Kaya Maharaja Perba Jelai

It is fascinating that I was made to aware of such history especially related to Jelai-Lipis in Pahang. Today, it has become the first time I ever come across the name of 'Orang Kaya Maharaja Perba Jelai' of which were said as one of the four of higher position officers in the hierarchy of state of Pahang. The 'story-telling' were derived from the conversation topic of land-acquisition of which OKM Perba Jelai were said to be awarded with vast acreage of  land by the Sultan of Pahang along the Jelai River of which were still valid under the constitution shall his heir were to make their claim.

It is an interesting read from these blogs on OKM Perba Jelai:

Photo courtesy of 'Cerita dari Lipis'
OKM Perba Jelai with his son Wan Chik and his grandson Wan Ali

Plus, it has become more interesting knowing that  Pahang River (Sungai Pahang) only begins from the joint of Jelai River (Sungai Jelai) and Tembeling River (Sungai Tembeling) without precise mention of where its actual upstream source actually begins. Given so, it may come from multiple sources?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Valid reason to stay away from Keropok Lekor Seberang Takir

For those who has a drool for 'keropok lekor terengganu' (boiled fish sausages-a traditional snack for most of east-coast states of Malaysia), I would strongly suggest you to avoid the so called 'famous kerepok lekor of Seberang Takir-nearby the Kuala Terengganu Airport' for these reasons:

1. You have to take que-no. (like those que-no that you have to take when you go to the bank) no joke, this is a 'true story'!

2. And even though you have taken the que-no, they still would NOT allow you to place your order until your que-no being called. On top of that, there's no guarantee that when your no being called (after all those hours of waiting), you would get whatever quantity of order that you requested for, as it will depends on the supply of 'freshly cooked keropok lekor' at that particular moment. So what's the point of those que-no anyway?

3. If you missed your que-no when it's being called, you have to take NEW no. and repeat the whole waiting process.4. The staff behind the counter has those arrogant look all over them with such understated statement 'we don't care if u dont want to que, take it or leave it'!!So, are you still interested with such product? 

I DONT!! and with such attitude I dont think they would withstand the market for long even how good their 'keropok lekor' is. They have to bear in mind that they are doing such business in Terengganu where there're always other option which is equally good!

Busy week


It's more than 2 hours since I lay myself on my bed, and I'm still flickering through the time starring at the screen..hoping it will 'soothe' me to sleep. I had always had this sort of problem amidst an inticipated journey. After clearing out a lot of matters during the day, being at places and such, I was happy to snap the calm twilight creeping into the nights. It was the exact location of my photos entry for 20th March and that's been the sort of timing that I goes home for the couple of weeks that passed.
I'm not sure what I'm babbling about, but I'm seriously need to 'tuck myself into bed' or else I'm gonna miss my flight tomorrow morning..  :|