Sunday, October 30, 2011

Concert of the day

Today, would mark the fourth time for us to be able to enjoy the 'free' concert. It's an annual so-called 'graduation concert' for the kindergarten that both my children attended. It's cheerful, and fun to watch plus this children are soooo adorable!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life weather telecast: late evening

Storm building up again but people are flying off their colorful kites..such contrast to the grey background.

Weather telecast of the day: evening

It looks all blue and bright..

Weather telecast of the day: noon

The dark storm clouds is seen building up on the horizon ready to hover the blue skies on the top left which is right above, will it come storming within 5minutes like yesterday evening? We have to wait and see..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little 'lost' in Kuala Lumpur city centre

Jalan Sultan Mohamed overlooking
the Central Market juncture
I cant believe myself... I lost my way back to the office by just missing one junction!!  there goes when you are in deep thoughts while driving *doink*. But from a better perspective, if I werent 'lost, I would not know that there has been quite a changes to the street faces of Kuala Lumpur, like for instance I could no longer drive straight ahead along Petaling Street if I were to go to Tun Tan Cheng Lock Street (where the Kotaraya Complex is) which resulted a left turning into Jalan Sultan and into Jalan Sultan Mohamed which come out to the junction of Central Market (hey, my fellow architecture studiomate, Nanyang Art is still there  ;)
Also, I have noticed that the road next to Central Market which is known as Hang Kasturi Street has been refurbished as pedestrian covered walkway.

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And while searching for the way to New-Pantai Expressway through Jalan Travers, I found the way to get to this juncture, of which I basically didnt know how to describe the route as it was all a matter of try-an-error and I simply get lucky.huhu!!

"Killing 2 birds with a stone?"

 I would be among the most expensive courier service for hire if I were to market my services, but NO, it willl remain only as an extra added services that I can offer to my current office by offering to send important documents to client-I'd take it as part of public relation task for a better relationship with the client as it won't be same by sending any despatch-boy to do the task. And as a treat, I could go out for lunch with two of my best buddies working nearby. So, "killing 2 birds with a stone" isnt that hard after all (but, please do not actually do it, I mean killing the birds ;P )

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deepavali, Malaysian Style

Today is a public holiday for Malaysians where we are celebrating one of the main festivals for Indians called Deepavali. So, we took the opportunity to visit a Hindu friend together with a few others. It was a merry gathering with a mixed of races, we had Malays, Indian and Chinese altogether and we sit together to eat murukku - the Indian version of crunchy pretzel I would say plus the delicious mutton curry with rice. Moreover, the celebration was kind of an added bonus as our friend just celebrated the gift of receiving a sets of newborn twins. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stormy dusk

stormy dusk! 

The sun is setting along the Kedah-Perlis coastalway, but the stormy clouds is about to unleash its droplets but at the same time, the padi-field is looking even greener. I love the scene! It's even more breathtaking when you actually sees it with your eyes!

passing by place called Padang Pisang
(or if you were to literally translate it as Banana Field?)

Science Centre of Alor Star

I didnt anticipate the opportunity to visit the Science Centre way in Alor Star, but I deal with the idea anyway just to kill the time and just so I can spend the time with my long-time buddy, Shal. But we missed the opportunity for the Padi Museum located next to it as the crowd was too overwhelming. I guess it's the wonder of aviation nowadays. I dont think I would have so much time to spare with 12hrs if I were to drive all the way to Alor Star from Kuala Lumpur. I'll be flying home at 8pm the same day.

Alor Star - Subang within a day!

Alor Star - from the air

Arrived in Alor Star safely at 945am after departed from Subang Skypark at 830am. The airport is far off better than Kuantan Airport, almost equivalent to Subang Skypark, but it is rather quiet, with less than 10 people on this whole departure floor. What am doing in departure level since I've just arrived? Haha..simply because the arrival hall is far more deserted than this!

Alor Star Airport from the runway

Alor Star Airport - the departure hall

Friday, October 21, 2011

monsoon season malaysian style

Heavy downpour at 6pm and parents are queuing to fetch their children from school.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Streaming Weekend

Streaming weekend by the cold river on the weekend at Ulu Kemensah. Didn't know that there's such place over there, I thought the only recreational spot would be the National Zoo. To go to this place, you only have to drive straight up along the road next to National Zoo, but mind you the road is quite narrow and once you passed Kg. Kemensah, the road were left as single passageway only and start winding following the terrain and the river is actually almost 20 feet down. You can actually chose where you want to have your picnic as certain places did provide facilities like toilets and changing room as well as open chalet and barbecue pits.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spot the Jupiter

Jupiter? That's right.. I spot it, just a tiny dot in the skies at the lower right of the moon...of course my 'snap and go' camera fon couldnt do much justice..but i'm loving it!!

you can read more from this link
it says
"As seen from much of the world, the full-looking waning gibbous moon and the blazing planet Jupiter are closest together for the month tonight. Simply look for a brilliant point of light in the vicinity of tonight’s moon. That’ll be Jupiter. The two heavenly objects will rise in tandem over the eastern horizon at dusk or early evening."

the image that the web generate for easy understanding..

or a better glimpse from my 'fellow astronomer' at this link..

Cumulus of the day

the cumulus effect made me at awe! I just can't describe how magnificent looking it was..

Leaving jetplane ?

I always fancy the effect each jet-plane leaves on the skies..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sunset of the day

Sunset of the day from behind the wheel! Gorgeous!! You shall be loving your day with such sparkling orange waving goodbyes to you!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kuala Perlis skyline at dusk

Love the majestic burnt amber at the end of the horizon, creating a magnificent backdrop to Kuala Perlis upon our arrival from Langkawi!

Friday, October 7, 2011


the view from Langkawi Jetty

the Island of Langkawi upon arrival that particular day

We haven't actually planned to go to Langkawi, one of the most popular vacation island in Malaysia. It's just that we happened to bump into the opportunity to pay a short visit just because we are already scattering around Kuala Perlis. Well, 8hrs tour is not something that you would want to do in Langkawi, you need more than that to explore each nooks that there is over there, but we consider the trip as a pre-introduction to the children so that they are aware of the existence of Langkawi.

So, it cost us RM18 for each adult for single-way ferry ride from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi, whereas the children were fare at RM12 (not so much difference there) and it cost us RM10 for a daily parking where we park our car at the Kuala Perlis, nearby the ferry terminal and another RM60 for rented car in Langkawi, a basic sedan that is. We managed to visit the Gallery Perdana only and spent like an hour there before we head for a tour around the island (the road actually loops around the island). There are quite number of changes compare to 10 years ago but it is still beautiful island. The weather was kind of stormy-windy, so we spent much of the time sight-seeing from inside the car. But as I said, this trip is just a preintroduction to what Langkawi can offer. We are sure be making a comeback and next time around it surely gonna be more than 8hrs, that I can promise the children.  :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Roadrunner Brazing the Nite

We received news that my mom's sister (literally my aunt, that is) passed away just before evening twilight sets in.
I have just reach Kodiang after leaving home roughly 5 hrs ago. Stop by in Ipoh to fetch my parents and another pitstop in Taiping. Was damn sleepy throughout the journey, but I cant believe myself that I'm just flipping my eyes rapidly now trying to get myself to sleep..grrr

Monday, October 3, 2011

Citta or cheeta?

Personally, I would say, naming CITTA to a commercial complex ain't commercial at all. It sounds like 'cheeta' the chimpanzee in Tarzan epic or cheetah of the lion family. This place doesn't look much of a NEW commercial/shopping complex but more like an abandon building being turn into a commercial complex with very limited budget on hand. It ain't at no par with TimesSquare or the trendy Pavillion and it didn't come any close to the 'old' Subang Parade which still looks more lively than this place. So, all the best!

Oh, for the locals if you wish to know where's this place: it's located on your right if you are coming from Federal Highway's direction heading towards the Subang Skypark (you need to make a u-turn at the Saujana Resort's junction) and if you are coming from Subang Skypark's it would be on your left which basically opposite the Sime Darby Gallery. You could also access it from Ara Damansara!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hot and spicy weekend

If I were asked to summarized my Sunday, I would say I've loaded myself with food!
My family and I actually went out for a casual brunch, and somehow, later of the day, we end up having our early dinner at 4pm. It was a huge portion of it actually, but sharing it with friends makes scruffing off the food easier, but it still leave me feeling bloatedly FULL!! and the food aint hot neither it was spicy despite the name of the outlet..