Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When you rely so much on communications gadget!!

You would feel that your life is in such mess, when  you rely so much on those communication gadget you call handphone and suddenly it gives way and went berserk!!

You'd feels like giving yourself a good slap for procastinate the whole sync arrangement so that you could have all your info stored in the mobile being saved somewhere else at the first place before things happened, and NOW it already happen and you were left blinking helplessly at the gadget hoping it will turn okay once you 'switch-on, switch-off' the thing!! GOSH!!!

And, you would also feels like banging your head to the wall, when you simply didnt sync the thing and you need to access to some of the numbers urgently, and nobody else seems to have the number kept in their record!!

Plus, you would feel so hopeless when you don't have the time to run to any kiosk selling mobile  to get a new phone or even to get the existing mobile-repaired!!

At then end of the day, you could never tell what other 'bad luck' going to hit you!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Test-run the rail: Part 2

Come to think of it, we never planned this 'test-run the rail' as part of the escapade for the whole family to venture in during weekends, but we did and I guess the ride of ETS would our Part 1 escapade?!  ;)

Anyway, we didn't have anything specific in mind of how to spend this weekend but we felt that we owe it to the children-too much time for work and less-time spend on them during weekdays. So, we decided to take them for a ride, of course our initial thought was 'the whole rail system' but unfortunately we managed to cover only one as the day's temperature was getting unbearable to jump from one rail to another ( the rail system in Kuala Lumpur was seriously not efficient giving the fact that it does not integrate closely to one another, for instance we have to walk more than 500meter under the sun to get from KL Sentral to KL Monorail and we are not talking about the heat of summer in Paris but this is Kuala Lumpur plus having to drag 5 year old child for that distance is not a good idea giving the fact that they will turn grumpy by the end of the hour!!)

So, from our breakfast spot in Kelana Jaya (it was brunch actually), we drive on to KLCC and we chose to park our car at an open car park next to Hotel Maya opposite BSN Bank and it cost us only RM3.50 per entry. Then, we walk our way to KLCC LRT Station, of course we chose to walk through inside KLCC rather than using the pedestrian path along Jalan Ampang.

We bought the ticket from the ticket machine and it was easy to use and it cost RM1.60 per journey from KLCC to KL Sentralflat rate for adult/children above 6. At first we did anticipate to ride on the KL Monorail but the walking distance to the station (which is way in Brickfields and not within the KL Sentral compound) has put us off. For a second we did thought of riding on the 'hop-in, hop-off' shuttle service but since it was already 3pm so spending RM19 per person for the trip was deem rather non-economical thing to do. Preferably it should be done early in the morning so we could enjoy the journey better and it would be value for money. So we decide to  head back to KLCC and spent the rest of the evening there..

Friday, May 27, 2011

at the dusk of punctuated cereberum

Lovely sunset of the day! Subhanallah





at the dawn of punctuated cerebrum!!

I hate it when other people takes other people precious time for granted!!! Grrrr...It has been scheduled that the said ceremony to start at 730am and everybody has to be THERE at 7am, but some other people has the leisure to re-schedule and potsponed the ceremony to 830am as a last resort without having the courtesy to inform everybody else prior to that. So, what does it mean for some people who tried at their best effort to be punctual?? Did they know, I have to wake up as early as 530am so that I could leave home by 615am to reach there around 7am so that I could meet the given itenerary!!

DARNNN!!! I seriously hate this!!! some people has a BIG hole way inside their cerebrum!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

gone are my weekends !

8.30pm and I'm still working on my design at the office... looooooooooooooong way to go!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

whole day outside, yet being locked-out of own home!!

traffic along Jalan Sg Buloh at 7am

smooth traffic at Kota Damansara Exit to NKVE

Karak tunnel - east bound at 8am

It's been tremendous effort having to curb with the heat at project site for continuous 8 working hours! I think the temperature within the project site has been scorch up to 40 degree and airconditioned room has never been much appreciated as today!!

It's almost 6pm when we round-up everything which also means that I am 'late' for the scheduled journey home -  I hate driving through the Karak-Bentong stretch during dusk!! and it doesn't help either when I have to drive through it during thunderstorm - the winding road tend to be slippery and beyond dusk it's so dark that you can't identify any running water before it's too late-meaning your car tyres already squirm on top of it and you get the schock of the ride!

spot the magnificent cloud formation while driving along east coast hiway that evening

it was getting dark westbound, but leaving clear blue skies behind me..

Anyway, I reach home by 8pm only to be locked-out of my own home!! Hubby ain't around and I dont have my set of keys with me *doink*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

evening twilight

just upload some photos taken of the evening twilight...

driving through Elite Hiway with the sun setting on the west

Denai Alam intersection - magnificent evening twilight

Evening twilight over Subang Bestari - a day of a career mom!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

head over heels again for Paris!

I just watch the famous traveler-Samantha Brown via TLC, walking down the Champs-Elysees and those magnificent avenue brings back the memory of Paris back then in February 2010. And I strongly agrees with Samantha that Paris is so femininely spectacular!! When you walk by the road, admiring the architecture, and the atmosphere... wow, it's so much more in that metropolis that I have not been, seen and done!! and I'm all eager to set foot again in Paris!!

I even stay up to catch its re-run at 330am! the Metro, the river cruise..the effect always-'cinematic' !! And most of all, I must admit the new tagline as Samantha puts it "You dont just love paris, you fall for'em" was all true for me!! the after effect was so strong!!

Oh, and these are among my favorite shots taken from  National Geographic Travel Photo

Paris, France

Photograph by Andrew Bell, My Shot
On a cold and bright winter afternoon, Parisians and tourists stroll around the marbled plaza of the Palais de Chaillot with a view of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Built in 1889, the tower stands 1,063 feet, or 81 stories, tall.

Parc du Champ de Mars, Paris

Photograph by Sisse Brimberg & Cotton Coulson, Keenpress
Paris's iconic Eiffel Tower looms over one of the city's largest parks, the Parc du Champ de Mars (Field of Mars Park), site of numerous historic events—including the 1889 Universal Exposition for which the Eiffel Tower was erected.

Eiffel of Farmville    ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sports Day

the clear blue morning skies
Wakes up early for my daughter's sports day - today!! We are all excited as it's going to be her first 'sports day' at her kindy and she's been practicing for the past 3 weeks.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Brunch At Subang Parade

Took the kids to shop for their stuff at Subang Parade - the eldest looking for gifts for his teacher (funny, he didnt remember to get me anything for mother's day..tsk tsk..teachers' day is so commercialized nowadays..) and the younger is looking for her sport cap..yeah yeahhh.. you guys have me all weekend - am all yours!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Presenting at Lipis Municipal Board Meeting

Start my day early, as I have to make arrangement to meet up with my colleague at Skypark where he'll be arriving from Tioman for the presentation and another colleague will come and drive us all to Kuala Lipis.

Everything seems to turn out well, except that I realised that I have misplaced my broadband dogle and it is nowhere to be found. Lunch was not at the usual place but we do had our quick lunch anyway. We made it to the Municipal building on time, but instead of following the schedule of starting the meeting at 230pm, it has somehow dragged on to start only at 3pm. And despite an earlier brief that each participants were allocated 10 minutes each, all three of teams have presented more than that, leaving us as the last team to present at the very end of the day. I hate it when we were left at the mercy of others and can't do much about it-like the whole thing being dreaded way to the evening, and wasted our precious time doing practically nothing except filling-in the time with babling away. It was 530pm when we finally done and there's a 'tea break' where we had to 'show face'...ay..yay..yay..drag on..

So, when we finally leave Lipis, it was already 630pm and dark cloud has already unleash its storm!! So, we can't speed much and we finally reach Kuala Lumpur at 8pm!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Technical course at SAS International Convention Centre in Kuantan

I was away in Kuantan for a technical course at SAS International Convention Centre in Kuantan. My colleague and I, reach Kuantan from Kuala Lumpur on Monday evening and check ourselves in Zenith Hotel. Awesome new hotel (yeah..yeahh..awesome when I compare it to those 4-Star hotels that I've been to so far..hehe..) Anyway ,we did enjoy our stay!!

I have a deluxe room with king bed all by myself, however the view was 'disasterous' - it overlook the convention centre huge  metal deck roof!! Bathroom was spacious, with separate bath tub and shower and no lock to the sliding door - hehe!!
I got myself a huge king bed - of course netbook is mine!

flat tv some reading materials and working desk

sliding door to bath room ...hihi

various selection of tables and chairs to suit your dining style and preference at the buffet

special corner for group diners

waiting lounge at the lobby

Convention Hall - part the course am attending

Friday, May 6, 2011

I've made it through the nite - driving on my own

You know what - I've made through the nite, driving on my own all the way from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur!!!! with additional condition that, I'm driving with stuffy-nose!

Well, we have all done with what we are supposed to do in Besut, and this time around I can't wait to head home-the stuffy nose is not giving me any benefit of traveling my way through the country.  I'm lucky that my colleague is driving half way through the journey - i think it's actually two-third of the whole journey from Besut to KL with a stop over in Kuantan to drop him off and I'll be continuing my journey from there on. We made a stop to refuel and another stop for tea-break at a place uniquely name Bandar Muktafibillah Shah - long name! Half an hour after we get into the route again, the skies has turn dark with thick culumus all over and not long after it started to drizzle. Not the best time to drive but we don't have much choice and no place to stop over.

We finally reach Kuantan around 730pm and it was already dark. Again, I was left with no other choice as my other colleague need to return to KL the very same day or else, in my current condition, I wouldn't mind stopping over the night in Kuantan and head for KL in the morning..So, we driving through the night along the east coast hiway..with a stopover to re-fuel and another one to the loo :)

We finally reach Kuala Lumpur exactly at midnight! and another half an hour for me to reach HOME!! seriously exhausted-but I have no idea where do I get the energy to drive on the night, can the Red Bull be that powerfull??

Thursday, May 5, 2011

catching up running nose in Besut

I wakes up in the morning with my flu has getting worse than previous evening and I didn't have any medication with me right now, so need to survive on running nose for another 12 hours or so before I reach home!

Breakfast at Permai Park Inn was nothing exceptional - the variations I would say - a typical for that grade of hotel. No further complain though. My colleague and I, has taken our time at our leisure pace eventhough we should be reaching Besut by 10:30am but we only leave the hotel at 10am and it's going to take an hour or so to reach our destination.

We are following a new route this morning rather than the usual coastal route, but I'm not sure whether it's going to get us to Besut any faster than usual 1hr 15mins. So, we shall see..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

an evening with Herdawaty in Terengganu

I have somehow managed to 'struggle through' the morning traffic and th emorning bad weather for my 1030 meeting in Kuantan, of course I did not make it right on the dot -  I was an hour LATE!! Anyway, the meeting kick-off smoothly..and later in the afternoon, I left Kuantan for Kuala Terengganu!!

Sound hectic alright!! I was lucky that I have somehow managed to get my colleague to drive for the 4hrs duration, and when we arrived in Kuala Terengganu, it was already late in the evening which means no more 'tea-time Terengganu Style'!!  (fish fritters 'keropok lekor' and all, I mean) So, we had straight to our hotel - this time around I chose another hotel instead of Grand Continental, called the Permai Park Inn. First impression was okay - not bad. But before he head for our room, we hang out at the coffee house for a shot of 'teh tarik Herdawaty' (milk tea named after Herdawaty whom I dont really know who, but the tea taste good given to the fact that most hotel serves lousy-tasty teh tarik!!) but it didn't cure my flu!! yeahh, I'm away from home and I catch a flu!!

Notorious traffic congestion caused me a FLIGHT

OMG!! it was 7.45am and I was still idling at a non-moving traffic trying to pass through the Bukit Jelutong exit to get myself into the ELITE Hiway  to KLIA and I've been at the same spot since 7am (given to the fact that I only moved a few inches)!! And I have to check-in the least at 805am!! GOSHH!! even if my managed to get through the BJ exit now, I still had like 15 minutes ride at 150km/hr!!!!

800am - am still here!! OMG!!!! I'm so going to miss my flight!! and I had a meeting in Kuantan at 1030am!!! OMG! OMG!!
(I know, all this while i've been driving my way to Kuantan but this time around I have to extend my journey further east to Terengganu for another meeting the very next day, and the idea of driving all the way through from Kuala Lumpur to Terengganu via Kuantan is seems - notoriously gruelling task to do for a time-packed schedule!!)

I had to make decision which actually the only decision that I was left to do - try to get out from the jam and drive my way to Kuantan! darn!!! with all this bad weather, what a day to start with....