Saturday, July 30, 2011

pre-ramadhan shopping spree

Yayy!! completed my pre-ramadhan shopping spree...all 7 hrs of the day!! Hey, it's not easy to fulfill everybody's wish and choices and mood swing which explain why the spree spread out to such ours..of course I'm not referring to one destination in a go, we did go to several places along the way..famish!!
However, I think the children had their share of fun, moreover with their dotting aunt tagging along!!  :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

inspired but too much to handle...

I'm all inspired tonite to update my blog, especially to upload all those photos as most of it convey certain stories that I wish to share...but it seems that, I have started with wrong foot previously and most of the material were not ready to be uploaded tonight. From the way it looks now, it might not be ready for another couple of days or weeks..or perhaps,  years.. *doink* That happens when you keep on putting aside the task..and also you had too many interesting photos to share..

Anyway, I love looking back at the photos especially those of my Europe Tour in 2010. Each of the photos has its own stories behind it.. till then ..have to hit the sack or else I would get very grumpy in the morning...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

from the cage out to wilderness

I tried to arrange for the my colleague and I to get a fresher air and breathe the air in its nature setting rather than an air-conditioned room 24-7. So, it was a quick planning to have our picnic by the stream of Janda Baik of which 45 minutes drive from the first Toll of Gombak on the way to east coast.

The planning of this particular morning went smooth and we are convoying to the location except for our principal whom will be arriving slightly later. The rain welcome us upon arrival and luckily it was a quick drizzle of the morning but the day turn out to be a gloomy day with dark clouds still hovering above us.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Enjoying the Liverpool Fever, Malaysian Style!

Liverpool fever is IN ! Of course both my hubb and son were affected which started when they get their tickets and then the search for the Liverpool's jersey/tshirts...

On the match day, I didn't expect the traffic would start to crawl immediately after the Awan Besar Toll Booth heading to Bukit Jalil Stadium. We were 'crawling' for almost half an hour for such short 200meter distance and when we reach the junction to the stadium where the traffic officer has already blocked the entrance as the congestion has gotten so overwhelmed and people has started parking their cars by the road side. So, I let them off at the junction for them to enjoy their 'fever'!!

traffic is crawling immediately after the toll booth

people started walking to the stadium as traffic has been stand-still..

And the match turn out awesome, that's what I heard, eventhough we lost 6-3 to Liverpool, but our local team played well and give a good fight!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

cropping of the momentos showing sea of reds!

...and suddenly he's a LFC overnight!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last trip to Kuantan before Ramadhan sets in

Am planning this inspection to be the last itinerary for me, before Ramadan sets in. I usually avoid traveling during the fasting month, and especially the idea of having to 'wander' around the project site under the scorching heat of Ramadan - it is something that  I try my best to avoid!

And, I was welcome home by a magnificent full-moon of the month !(feels sorry that, my auto-camera can't portray the exact beauty of the night..)

captured by my auto-olympus

captured by iphone

Friday, July 8, 2011

reason of quiet July..

This is not the way to end such a tense-week for everybody, i mean, being late to a presentation session was not the way i planned things to be for all the hard work, the effort that has been put into the job, but i did somehow. Really frustuated that things happened as so, but things happened..

Anyway, the presentation went basically okay, but we know now the most important clue to this particular job - it'll be taking much longer period to materialised and all our effort might not been turn to reality in just a short time! And, by the end of the presentation, i felt so hungry and realized, i havent had anything except some milk for breakfast and it's already 5pm!! darn hungry- could eat a cow!!

So, that explains why July has been quiet around here...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day out - driving through Ipoh

We gonna had a busy day today as everybody seems to have things to do and places to go. So, on my side I'll be 'running' around Ipoh with my mom to get most of the errands attending the wedding reception, fitting the dress at the tailor, buying some supplies, and taking the kids for 'abc' treat..hehe

oh, my brother and hubb would be attending another wedding reception all the way at a place called Chenderong Balai near by Teluk Intan..and my dad would be attending some other function at our neighbourhood, a real busy day for us..

enjoying meals at wedding reception..yummy..

DNS - where we get our supplies of pukkora, murruku, peanuts and such all year round

Ipoh Central Station for intercity bus - has been in that state ever since..i can remember
waiting on ABC treat..

if Klang Valley was so famous for Sate Kajang, Ipoh also has Sate Endut!!

traffic in Ipoh - not bad!

the symbolic water fountain in front of Chief Minister residence..we can actually count how many times in a year it really function

the beginning of Jalan Tambun stretch..