Sunday, February 24, 2013


Cautious: If you are driving from north, penang for instance and are heading south via the North-South Hiway, or if you have intentions of getting into Ipoh, please be extra alert on your driving. You should have immwdiately start paying attention to the signages, once you leave the Menora Tunnel and following the winding-down-the-hill-road, as it is where the chances of you missing the exit would be high. WE DID! Sad but true. We are too engrosed in a deep conversation, and we missed the cue to get into the right lane to get into Ipoh. Therefore we end up driving down all the way to next exit of Simpang Pulai. It is because the hiway system in Ipoh has been changed recently, where hiway users could opt to use a direct route from north to south of which you were supposed to exit Ipoh first in order to continue your south/north journey previously. So, It is quite a distance to be making a u-turn, especially when the actual place is just right at the corners. At RM3.60 and a *few kilometres extra, Carelessness sure is costly!