Thursday, February 14, 2013


The social exposure of my current lifestyle is limited to a very close-circle of friends, and business acquaintences. Thus it has also created a limitation for me to actually being exposed to the 'outside world' beyond the circle. Not that I'm very fancy of such exposure, but having the opportunity to seat through a 30minutes ride in the LRT gives me an opportunity to actually sees the 'colorful diversity of races out there'. It is not that I'm exposing myself to be called racist of some sort, but this 'adventure' really open-up my eyes that Kuala Lumpur is no longer limited to the basic Malay, Chinese and Indian. It is now being populated by other races, other colors; I can see a Caucasian, some bangladeshis, indonesians, arabs..and perhaps myanmar people as they look closer to malay but they simply arent.

It is interesting time-filling exercise to try to figure out who or which originality they really belongs to by screening the tone of language they're speaking, the way they're dressed-up, their body lamguage, their gestures when they're together in a group, their accessories etc etc. I think I may guessed some of them correctly and there are also some that I can't really tell from all those observations. Perhaps, my people-watching skills need to be polished up.