Friday, February 15, 2013

Great Eastern Mall

I was here in Great Eastern Mall for an appointment. Really, am here for work not any shopping/leisure purposes. Fancy that an appointment could be held in such place? I could say, that's the privilege we have as an architect. Appointments, opportunities are always open and flexible and we usually try our best to 'entertain the request' our client or potential client as long as it's not breaching any laws or morale values.  So,  here I am.

Great Eastern Mall, is rather small in size. It's more like a 'neighborhood mall' rather than 'an anchor mall' like Suria KLCC, Pavillion or such. It has the vibrant and exclusive atmosphere but with a very reasonable crowd which create a more comfortable ambiance for you to hang around. the whole complex is well-kept, with not sign of 'building-distress-syndrome' as of yet, rather clean and very well lighted. The car park area in basement is well lighted and equipped with ample directional signage. Most of all, the public washroom is in neat condition as well. A good recommendation for hang-out place if you are not into crowds.