Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nasi Kandar Zainul PJ: awesome brunch

What else can be said, other than we love the *'nasi kandar' here. The taste is still the same as the first time I tasted it last ten years ago! Enjoy!!

* Nasi Kandar Zainul is located in PJ State, at the Ground Level of Multi-storey Carpark next to Shah Village Hotel, the same row of A&W drive through outlet.

*Nasi kandar is the terms used to describe a mixture of various types of curry gravy onto a plate of warm rice and eaten with a selection of fried chicken or fish head curry or other selection of side dishes. Those mixture of curry gravy are the ones which gives a specific distinctive taste to a particular 'nasi kandar' vendor. 'Kandar' also describing the way the dishes were being serve during 60s-70s by means of vendor carrying around pots of curry and rice hanging over a stick that being carry on theier shoulder.