Monday, February 25, 2013

Lenggong Valley: Archaelogical Heritage Site

We are here for an Architecture Ideas Competition for a Visitor Centre to Lenggong Valley Archaelogy Museum which has recently being recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Lenggong Valley is now an important archaeological site where evidences of human settlement from the Palaeolithic age were found. 

During my early childhood days, we would feel devastated if our dad announced a trip to Kelantan via Grik. We would definitely pass through the small town of Lenggong and the road is so winding that, we would take turn to barf. But nowadays, there is a new hiway bypassing most of the small 'kampung settlements' like Lenggong and offer a more comfortable journey across Peninsular from West to East..  more on Lenggong

The Archaelogy Gallery of Lenggong Valley

Lenggong Valley

briefing done by the Director
of Heritage Department
Bukit Sapi: remains and traces of volcanic
ashes from Lake Toba