Saturday, February 23, 2013

KTM: in serious need of improvement

KTM: keretapi tanah melayu berhad is the company responsible for the entire train stations and railways in Malaysia, ever since the early independence day. In fact, their monopoly could even begin since British colonisation, but let us detached it from that link of history as it would sure make them look even worst.
It seems that, KTM has not been learning much over the years of experience. It seriously shown by this unfunctional screen and the delay of train. Moreover as the the main central transit station, KL Sentral is seriously aint showing off much of its status especially the waiting area down-under. The place is not well-lighted, and the temperature is suffocatingly humid, which basically a total discomfort for us using their train services. Ain't they ever knew that public spaces is entitled to a certain criteria of lux-calculation to emphasize on functionality of the space. And being the service provider for so long, aren't they ever aware that comfortable temperature is a must for patrons of their service. How could they let such thing un-noticed?