Saturday, February 9, 2013

CNY traffic

It's the day of Chinese New Year's eve, and as it has been for all Malaysian even Singaporeans, it involve a whole lot of inter-city, inter states travelling for the day and for such multi-racial country, it is an equal opportunity for others who are not involved with family-get-together-for-dinner to travel about as well. So here we go, trying to reach Ipoh for a wedding reception and a few other appointments, brazing through the traffic which has volume up compare to ordinary weekends.
We opt for a strategy of bypassing hiway-vs-state road when the flow got too slow, certain spot within hiway were clogged with cars trying to get a stop by the rest area, whereas the rest of stretch flow smoothly. So altogether, it's a 4hours journey getting from Sg.Buloh to Tambun exit compare to normal 2hours!