Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Intercity grooves

I'm commuting via train again this morning. Done it yesterday for my appointment in Melawati which is at the other end of where my office is. And this morning, I have to get myself to KL city centre where there'll b another appointment scheduled. I think it's the best economical and practical way to get to city centre, not forgetting a greener approach to it.

By yesterday's afternoon, my itinerary for this week is practically full. So does my team back in office. We gonna have series of 'bumper to bumper' presentation and it's all scheduled for this week. Not that we are insane enough to create such schedule but it's from different clients and different type of priority, and most important of all not much that we could do to reschedule most of it.
So, have a blast if week!
inside the train

the train's door opening up at station