Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunset upon arrival

I have to be in Kuantan today to coordinate a scheduled night-inspection of a particular project. Travelling an approximate 250km to the east of peninsular Malaysia via air can be accomplish in less than an hour, but on overall getting there by car could turn out as a speedy solution if you take into the consideration of those time that you have to spend getting yourself at the airport and being there an hour earlier if you got luggage to check-in, and wait-up for your luggage upon arrival and getting somebody to fetch you or hire a car to get you around Kuantan. However, it should be the only option if you are tied-up with tight schedule and you have to be in another place, that is 400km away early of the morning of your very next day. It will definitely allow you to save up some energy, and channel it to a better use. Well, life is not always easy!