Monday, September 10, 2012

should there be any specific reason for you to blog?

Personally, I think there should. Well, at least ONE.
Well, if you already have the thought of such "should I blog?" it means there should already be a reason for you to do so, because that particular reason (or reasons) will motivates you to write ( blog) or even, it will at least inspire you to do so.

In my case, I started blogging because, I'm so used to diaries, but keeping a diaries nowadays is quite troublesome especially the 'safety factor' of it. I would go insane towards the idea of losing my diaries! So, blogging is a safer way to 'write a diary' which at the same time already 'things of the past'.

At the first place, I write because most of the times it is tough for me to express myself, especially my inner feelings or my inner thoughts and ALSO writing my thoughts down, in a way will act as an 'anger management' as I would be able to express all my anger via writing and nobody get hurt through it and I got to express it out rather than sulk to myself (and believe me, you would always regret yourself later once you blurted out you anger..) So, that version of blog always being kept as personal rendering for my own view as similar as 'a diary' and would never be open to public and I'll definitely take the whole blog to grave with me.

After that, throughout the journey of my career years, I found a niche which inspire me to open up another blog and this time around to make it public as I believe that 'sharing is caring' and it actually act as reference to journey of life than I have taken. So, while am travelling to places due to work-related tasks which sometimes turn out to be quite remote and non-popular places, I find it has gotten to be a habit to write about those places. Perhaps it is unique from my point of view, so that others could get to know about it and that is how this 'travelogue of medzz' get started!  :)

Hope I don't bore you much with my ramblings as I may not be a good writer but I do hope I did show some kind of improvement from years of writing?! Did I? Anyway, you can read more from this site on why should you blog