Saturday, September 15, 2012

Keropok Lekor :freshly made

I always frequent this particular 'cottage industry factory of keropok lekor' every time I'm in Kuantan.  It's located in Peramu-Tg. Lumpur and known as 'ghani black keropok lekor'. Compare to other keropok lekor that I've ever bought from other spot in Kuantan, this particular one has its big hits among my family members, so I guess, majority says it all! ;) I think the quality of the produce says it all; lots of fish and unlike some other produce, the fish paste wasn't grind too fine that loosen out the texture of fish in it. Basically, just the right combination of taste and texture. I usually ask the lady over the counter to pack 5 piece in a packet for easy storage as well as easy distribution among other family members. I can't actually tell how long it'll lasts before it expires as it usually doesn't sits more than two weeks inside my freezer!  :) However, I usually made a habit of buying the keropok towards the end of the afternoon so that it will not sit too long in the car as I would immediately drove back to Kuala Lumpur and within next 4 hours it's already well kept inside my freezer (of course you have to consider KL's traffic behaviour).

the 'expert' at work

new batch of fish-paste mixture that will go through the kneeding process

Keropok lekor is an afternoon snack made from fish paste and flour, shaped into sausage-like and upon being boiled it will be fry to crisp and serves with sweet chili sauce. It is usually hand made within a 'rustic cottage industry factory' and some times it could be made fresh from a neighbourhood kitchen.  Keropok lekor  is originated from East-cost countries of Malaysia where supply of fresh fish from South China Sea is abundant. A better version of keropok lekor always lies in its main ingredients that is the type of fish use and the ratio of fish paste to flour. Keropok Lekor is available through out Malaysia even in the west-coast.