Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lumut waterfront-through the rain

Managed to reach Lumut 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled appointment of 10am, despite having to drive through a cold morning downpour and despite having to leave home 20 minutes late from earlier plan that was supposed to be at punctual 6am (had a hard time to wake myself up prior to 2 hours of sleep upon arrival from Kuantan the night before, it was almost 1am actually and it was 330am the last time I check on the wall clock). I am lucky that I had my colleague with me and even though he might be lacking some sleep as well as we both arrive from Kuantan about the same time, still he needs to be a gentleman, just for today.  :) and for that, he has all the praise and appreciation from me.

Lumut for this particular morning appears to be very quiet, where everybody seems to kept themselves indoor not wanting to get wet under the pour of morning rain. The heavy pour, gives a grey background of the sea that's fronting Lumut town, witness from my car's window. Scouting for a spot to grab a quick breakfast turns out a little bit trickier that usual as we need to consider 'a quick running distance' from our car to the spot.

map of lumut from My Lumut