Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taman Gelora of Kuantan: Seaview

Istagram photo
People would flock to Taman Gelora especially in the late afternoon to enjoy the breezy wind coming from South China Sea. Taman Gelora is a bay located in between Teluk Cempedak and Tanjung Lumpur, close to the opening of Pahang River to the sea. During the low tide, the sea water would expose the partly muddy beach of Taman Gelora where people could find cockles or clams. It is also best to bring the kite over and get it high over the sky. What takes me here, most of the time if I ever be in Kuantan, is just the opportunity to breathe-in fresh air and enjoy the open view. Of course there is also a delicious food at nearby stall which serves  'rojak ayam', which is a variety of fritters serves with chicken, salad and spicy peanut gravy.

Other than that, there is also a recreational park where people could jog on the jogging track provided under the shaded, tall pine tree and children could make use of the playground. However, based on my numerous visits, this park is lack of regular maintenance from the evident of dire-state-condition of  its public-open-sitting, and its open-drain were clogged with tree-leaves, and those tall-pine tree were not prune to shape and sticks of dead branches were laying around. With such potential, I find it disturbing that no immediate action were given to restore the park to its original condition.