Monday, November 21, 2011

Zaman berzaman being Restoran Zaman

'Zaman' literally would mean 'time of the decade', so to name a restaurant by that and to remain strong for a record time of nothing less than 30years is a pure success. So, if you google 'restoran zaman' it will always lead you to Kuantan or if you ask around 'name on of the famous eatery in Kuantan', people would list this restaurant as one being in the list.

Despite being known as being such hit among patrons, it always strike me a question of  'how good is their food?'. So far, I have tested their famous nasi lemak, roti canai and mi kari, and my summary of those 3 menu(s) would be just 'plain average', as I've tasted a far better somewhere else, even though not in Kuantan. Perhaps, it could be one among the best in Kuantan alone, or perhaps it is simply because it's more of personal preference. Therefore, don't let me stop you from going there, and have a taste of those famous menu, who knows it will suit your palette just as fine with the rest of the world, as I don't mind being different! But, let me warn you this, do not go there after 9am, you'll either goes home frustrated with hunger because everything is all gone to other people's tummy or you'll need to be part of the long ques, for the food or for a place to sit or for a place to park your car! Whatever it is, enjoy yourself!

*The restaurant is located not far away from the Airforce Base if you are exiting the east coast hiway via Gambang exit, or just after the exit from the Airport along Jalan Gambang.