Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remote Pelangai

Am 'travelling' on my own again this morning and this would be my second trip to the remote project site in Pelangai. The location is located almost 40km from Karak, the nearest civilised town to this place but it took me almost an hour of driving to reach the destination as the average speed was just 60km. The road is very narrow, it gives me such quiverring tense everytime I saw a lorry coming towards me from opposite lane, and it passed you really close with only a precise gap left side mirror. It is also a quiet road (as seen in photos) where I only come across not more than 10 vehicle along the 1hr journey. And I think the whole stretch would better suit a rally race as it is winding with lots of s-bends infact a contiuous bend after another.

At the end of the day, I'm relieve I managed to arrive at the destination safely.

quiet road

quiet road with rows of orchard (durian trees mostly)

Telemong town

Telemong town

Manchis town