Saturday, November 26, 2011

multi ethnic cafe at Padang Ipoh

If you love local food especially known as 'rojak pasembur', this would be the place you should come if you are in Ipoh. Of course, some people would say, there are better version in Penang, but for people like me who wouldnt care to go as far as Penang just for the sake of 'rojak pasembur', this place would be a solution. The stall is located at the entrance of a chinese kopitiam - kedai kopi fatt kee of a row of shop lots facing Padang Ipoh, but prepared by mamak which is similar concept to the famous 'nasi ganja' in Ipoh.

But getting there is a little bit tricky if you are not familiar with the traffic route leading to this lane. In fact, I have to make a loop around Padang Ipoh and get into the lane from the Magistrate Court. It would be easier if you are on foot. The landmark would be HSBC Bank and of course the Padang Ipoh. So, give it a try!  ;)