Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend getaway-our style with the help from Zenith

I'm glad my children are enjoying themselves with the 5-star facilities that we are getting from Zenith Kuantan compare to what we are getting at Suria Cherating. We have specifically strategized it this way so that we could get the best of 'both world' and the children experience it all - a weekend getaway, our style!!

Zenith would be the first 5-star rated hotel I’ve stay during this millennium era. I did not know or rather did remember much of other 5-star hotel/resorts that I’ve ever stayed with my parents during my young childhood days. So in comparison to other 3-4 star rated hotels/resorts that I’ve stayed so far for the past 10 years, Zenith would definitely be on top of the list especially for its ambience,  food & facilities but on the other hand, it is a definite a suicide-attempt for my wallet! ;)

Zenith Hotel up close

view from our room

Zenith, is just a few months old and it stands tall in the middle of Kuantan city centre, fronting the East Coast Mall with a convention centre under its wings. If you were driving around Kuantan city centre, you would definitely see the tall building from afar as it would be among a few 18 over storeys building in Kuantan. I would say, having a Convention Centre is giving this hotel an added advantage as I don’t really quite into the idea of staying away from the beaches while you are in Kuantan which is so famous for its beaches and sea-side resorts, unless you have other specific itinerary to do like a seminar or meetings or conventions which being held away from the beaches. So, here I am at this hotel for the latter reason ;)

So, what can you expect from this Hotel? For a start, your arrival is welcome with free-flow welcome drinks at the lobby instead of the typical of just one short glass. The lobby is a huge triple volume space with quite a simple contemporary modern approach to its design, and I have nothing to complain about the ambience that being created by the design but I do prefer a better segmented spaces in the lobby rather than you-can-see-everything-through once you popped out from your car at the porte-cochere. It would also be good to have a more secluded lounge area if you were to hang out at the lobby rather than the existing openness. Also, I would prefer not to be kept waiting to be serve for the check-in process at the reception as I think the counter is big enough to accommodate more than 2 attending personnel at any one-time or did my expectation of 5 star treatment is rather over-demanding? However, getting yourself to your designated floors for your room is fast with 4 lift-cars to serve you and you don’t have to worry for your safety as you could only get onto the designated levels with your key-card being swiped at the panel. And if you have problems about it, there’s a phone call away for the rescue at every lift-lobby of the hotel.

The deluxe room that I chose, is comfortably basic of soothing beige-colour scheme, and the king-size bed is plush with 4+1 pillows (I love the idea of having all those pillows for myself) with LCD TV, internet connection and bed-side control panel for the air-condition (which I don't have to get up from my bed in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature).The room has a full-height glass wall facing the city-view and you could catch a glimpse of the South China Sea far ahead of the view. Nice!! But, don’t look down – if you happened to get a room facing the central podium, all you could only see is the ROOF!! Ouch, quite upsetting though, so shut your blind, and get freshen up, the room has quite a bath room and it’s clean (but the door has no specific lock, so if you need to share your room with somebody, make sure you share your room with somebody trustworthy..hehe)

There’s only one restaurant for the Hotel at the moment and it’s located at the ground floor. The ambience is ‘appetising’ and I don’t have any complain on the design. On top of that, I would say the quality of food served was quite scrumptious for a hotel standard, which usually turn out quite bland.
If you prefer to stay in-door, you may hop into the hotel’s gym or its spa or you could bring your children to its playroom located within the same level. The pool is rather small to the ratio of this hotel and the spaces around it rather tight as well. And I think, by having an infinity pool but were not allowed to be at the edge is rather impractical. However, if you prefer to feel the city, you can always do so. A quick shopping or quick grab for your cuppa at the Starbucks would be just a few steps outdoor by crossing the road in front of the hotel to the East Coast Mall. Or if you have your own transport, you can always drive around and I don’t think you’ll ever get lost in Kuantan. ;)