Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Retail fascination of Kota Bharu

I didn't anticipate that we (my engineer friends and I) will be going for a shopping spree here in Kota Bharu. But here we are...  

Batik and I doesn't get together very well, as I fanatically goes for solid plain color. I worship BLACK the most! So, I'm more interested at the way the craftsman doing his job rather than those colorful 'batik', and on top of it I'm more interested at his ironing machine which is way bigger than the normal domestic iron. Wow, imagine how much faster I would be able to complete my ironing chores with such iron?! but hey, he said that machine is not for sale!! (serious..I DID  go and ask!)

I purposely snap photo of my engineer 'getting frenzy' looking at these pots and pans and kettles..haha (I was too!! but hey, I'm a shopping dummy, remember) She actually bought a kettle home! and she keeps mumbling about having to drag it onto the plane, after that (it isn't that heavy and it's just the size of 12by12 inch box.. but hey, it's an extra load for her ..LOL!!)