Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is Raub

One of the nooks in Raub
Raub is located 120km away from my local landmark of Subang Skypark. Similarly, the town center bore resemblance of Bentong town, in terms of its architecture, traffic circulation planning and the pace of life. Almost all the building facing the main road in its town center were the 1920s pre-war building of colonial architecture, but there are a few like those in the photos which has been renovated to suit the current owner's needs. But, I would prefer if these pre-war buildings could be articulately maintain as it has become part of the town identity.

I have yet to explore Raub on foot, to seriously look into its history and feel the sense of place, as it always just an act of snap-and-go either on my way to Kuala Lipis or Benta.