Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Delicacies of Kota Bharu ?

I was kind of exhausted wit all the travelling and window shopping task (imagine when 3 female engineers/architect gets together during a working trip..can you imagine?). However, we are being lucky to have a personal 'tour guide' for that day, whom personally drive us to where ever we wish to go, and to add on to that, he's pampered us with a treat just before we leave for the airport. 

I never anticipate to find a good 'murtabak' here in Kota Bharu as it is always about 'nasi kerabu', 'nasi dagang' and other sweet stuff. But, this stuff is GOOD. I mean, my travel isn't about searching for good food,  it's always about work, and I usually goes very modest about food (a basic McDonald's meals is fine with me, you know) but sometimes when such opportunity to indulge in good food occurs - it'll be a bonus! 

But, hey forgive me ..I have forgotten to jot down the name of the shop and it's location *doink*

Table accessories

Delicious Murtabak - looks good,eh? YUMMY