Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KL-Kota Bharu-Besut

It's going to be another journey to my project site in Besut, this time around I'll be making my way via Kota Bharu transit-just to make use of the opportunity. I'm logging-in while waiting to board the Firefly. It's the usual full house for all the morning flights as seen from the crowded departure hall. Anyway, I do hope the journey would be smooth, ameen.

View from the air after immediate take-off: thick haze has seen engulfing the Klang Valley
Clearer skyline as the plane leaving Klang Valley behind..and surprisingly  able the see  the moon  above the haze horizon (just below the letter 'z')
love the mountain range - the backbone of Malaya

Kota Bharu :  a clearer skyline

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