Saturday, June 25, 2011


When we pass through Kundasang, we were so taken by the breathtaking view of the town which basically situated within a valley. The green-scape of the hills (range of hills actually) that lies before our eyes, and those clouds  wrapping  up Mount Kinabalu which stood prominently as the town's background with the cool temperate climate being some few thousands feet above sea level is totally awesome. There is nothing much to adore to the town if you are looking for high-end development as it don't even have a proper petrol station like the one we had in big town and the only commercial lots would be the one row of shops next to its main road, but you will not miss anything of such when you are here as the landscape is so stunningly heaven!!

range of hills of Kundasang valley

Mount Kinabalu as the background..

the only Petrol Station in Kundasang