Thursday, June 16, 2011

Darkest Nite of 100 Years!

Photograph by Aamir Qureshi, AFP/Getty Images ( skies over Islamabad, Pakistan, on June 16th, 2011)
Photograph by Nikhil Sharma, My Shot

Subhanallah!! It's awesome!! and most important of all - I MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY TO VIEW IT WITH MY OWN EYES!!
The weather was fine but the skies was covered with clouds and out of desperation I literally  tried to the extent of blowing away the clouds!!! (what am i thinking??!) but the skies was so clear the night before!! so frustuated that I decided to hit the sack instead of keeping on waiting for the clouds to make way and litlle did pass through my brain that the whole process could be view via live video-streaming on the net!!

Anyway, you can read more through this link  or any other link which is already on the net.

During a total lunar eclipse, Earth blocks the pure white, direct light from the sun, but some indirect light passing through Earth's atmosphere still manages to reach the moon. The rusty orange hue of an almost fully eclipsed moon were due to atmospheric condition. That's because the light we see coming from the moon is actually reflected sunlight and since dust and gases in Earth's atmosphere filter blue wavelengths from sunlight, the remaining light is reddened. The moon will therefore appear to change from brilliant silver to between bright orange and blood red during a lunar eclipse.