Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kuantan again..and feel the time wasted!!

Again, I dont understand why certain people didnt get their brain sorted out and have their itenerary planned ahead.

The schedule was already there for the rest of the people to adhere, what gives these people the advantage of simply not following the schedule? Was it just becaused, they're what we called 'the officers in charge'??

Punctuality is the main theme where it should be because it involves with other people's time and it also involved a long-journey travel!! If the schedule clearly stated that the programme would start at 10am, so WTH other people wasting their time waiting for certain people who only arrived 2 hours later?? we are not talking about 20 minutes later nor any 12 minutes, but 2 hours???!!!

So, here I am, in Kuantan.. having my time wasted on waiting!! GRRR...