Monday, December 26, 2011

Picnic @ Gold Coast

During the long weekend holiday, my children's aunt decided that we should all go for a family get together by the beach, so we all head for Bagan Lalang or now more famously known as Sepang Gold Coast where it already has the 5-star Gold Coast Resort modelled from the Palms of Dubai. But we ain't settling down our picnic basket at that place, what we want is just a laid-back open space under the pine trees facing the sea.

It's almost noon when we arrive, and as the day ebbs and tides recede, it has exposed the entire beach to the sun. Well, luckily we wasn't game for any swimming session by the beach nor was the children, so we just spread our mat and lay down the picnic basket(s) and start devouring our brunch meals. We had 'nasi lemak' with all its condiments. 'Nasi lemak' is made of from rice cooked in coconut milk, serves with 'sambal' made of chili paste and anchovies cooked together. It is also accompanied by fried anchovies, peanuts and fresh sliced cucumber as side-dishes.

We went for a walk along the beach. There were not many people out there as the sun was already striking its glare right from the top, but the sea breeze was so pleasant that you didn't realized you get all the tan by walking all over the beach, joining the children in their hunt for little crabs and other tiny creatures that were fast crawling into the sand.