Monday, December 19, 2011

Journey of 2006-2011 : A sweet success.

Today, I could mark a big full-stop on my calendar for the completion of 2006-2011 journey , and I could take a deeper breathe and release it with pure satisfaction. I believe, I'm creating a history for my own journey as an architect, even though it was not designed as outstanding as Zaha Hadid, but as a novice, am still proud of my achievement! It would be the first project that I ever deal with from a scratch, preparing schematic design sketch, site study, presentations, submissions and construction. Plus, I had the opportunity to 'savour all the worst ordeal' a project could have- not having a proper site documentations and non-existence of all basic infrastructures. The project was scheduled to be completed in just two years, but having to go through all those 'ordeals',  as a team and making sure we could make it through till the end like what we have today, is indeed a sweet success.